Will Trump Succeed in Pulling the World Away From the Abyss? I Dunno. “Men in Dark Suits Rule the U.S.” …PUTIN

Scott Baio Tweets Meme That Claims Charlottesville, Sandy Hook Are Connected Conspiracies

by MG editor

ed note–the opening sentence says it all–

‘Trump superfan and Republican National Convention speaker Scott Baio’

We warned you years ago that this would be the result of all the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ nonsense, a warning that was greeted with howls of anger and charges of non-believers in ‘the hoax’ of being ‘Zionist shills’, and now that you have made for yourself a nice, steaming shit sandwich with all the fixins’ that go along with it (including the political pressure that will be used in further destabilizing the one presidency since JFK’s who at least entertains the DESIRE of pulling our world away from the abyss) you might as well enjoy it while being forced to eat it.

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