The Ugly Truth: U.S. Geopolitics Amount to Crimes & U.S. is Run by Rothschilds!

The Ugly Truth

in response to Sabba:

YNET – A new report offering a different perspective after recent terror attacks in France, Britain and Spain says that of the 34,676 people killed in attacks last year, 238 were in Western Europe while 19,121 were in North Africa and the Middle East.

So YNET wants the goy to be relieved about the fact that there are comparatively fewer ‘terror attacks’ in W. Europe as in other parts of the world? The only reason any attacks occur in Europe is due to the malfeasance of the EU bureaucracy and the Jewish influence therein. If Jewish influence were eliminated, Europe wouldn’t be poking its nose all over the middle East and receiving blowback. The same is true for the U.S. Of course, most of the ”terror” attacks may be delivered by someone who is follower of Mohammed but the funding and logistics are primarily Israeli, U.S., and House of Saud intelligence services.

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