Satanyahu Going Down Like the Titanic!


Bibi Satanyahoo has trouble on his hands. Powerful forces from within Israel and from the “international community” TMare out to topple the cruel monster who, while “coincidentally” in New York City on the afternoon of 9/11, in a passionate moment of rare candor, in response to a question about what impact the attacks would have on US-Israel relations, blurted out:

“It’s very good. Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy …strengthen the bond between our two peoples, because we’ve experienced terror over so many decades, but the United States has now experienced a massive hemorrhaging of terror.”

The Soros/Brzezinski/Rockefeller Globalists and the AIPAC/Satanyahoo Zionists collaborated and benefited from the 9/11 conspiracy, albeit in different ways. The Globalists were focused on Central Asia (Afghanistan / Pakistan), and the neo-con Zionists were mainly interested in fighting Iraq, Syria and Iran.


Satanyahoo remains confident that he will survive a coup attempt that is remarkably similar to the ongoing effort to dump Donald Trumpstein. The article explains:

“A black curtain went up a few months ago near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence on Jerusalem’s leafy Balfour Street. It screened pesky protesters from Mr. Netanyahu’s view — and prevented the public from seeing lawyers and detectives come and go as criminal investigations of the prime minister intensified.

Now, with one of Mr. Netanyahu’s closest former aides having turned state’s witness in two cases involving suspicions of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, Israelis across the political spectrum are trying on the idea of the curtain coming down on Mr. Netanyahu’s durable political career.”

It is interesting to note that the official residence of the Israeli Prime Minister is located on “Balfour Street” — after Lord Balfour. who inked the dirty deal (Balfour Agreement) which promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine (the unwritten understanding being that this was repayment to the Zionists for bringing America  into war on Britain’s side).!/image/3045634276.jpg_gen/derivatives/headline_609x343/3045634276.jpg

1. Beit Aghion is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Israel. It is located at the intersection of Smolenskin and Balfour Streets in Jerusalem. 2. The horrific bloodbath of World War I was extended so that the Balfour promise to take over Palestine (from Turkey) could be fulfilled.


Many of the Soros Globalists hate Satanyahoo as much as they hate Trumpstein. They just can’t be as overt about their contempt for him because they must respect his power and that of his Israel Firster backers — some of whom are both Globalists and Zionists — in the US. The Piranha Press knows that it was Satanyahoo’s Mossad, among others, that hacked into various computer systems and fed the anti-Hillary “leaks” to their agent, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. None will dare to utter such an “anti-Semitic” TM truth, so the blame is being shifted to the big bad Putin instead.

The Globalist war that we see being played out against Trumpstein & Satanyahoo is a turf war between two long-time rival factions of the same Global Jewish Mafia. The Israeli ultra-nationalists want their “Greater Israel” and have little regard for any world government schemes. The Globalists, many of them Jewish, view Satanyahoo’s expansionist and nationalist schemes as an obstacle to incorporating the Muslim world into their New World Order. In the power scheme of things, only Globalists can attack Satanyahoo, and only Israel Firsters can attack Soros. Anyone else who dares to expose either group of gangster is considered a “Nazi” TM / “anti-Semite” TM.


1. Israel Firster Satanyahoo hates the Globalist Firster Clintons. Image above shows Satanyahoo publicly dressing down Killary during a joint press conference. 2. Assange’s “leaks” greatly damaged Killary Clinscum– payback for the Clinton’s open interference in the 1999 Israeli election, in which Satanyahoo was defeated by the Clinton’s candidate, Ehud Barak. (here)


In the final analysis, in spite of the clown Alex Jones’ passionate defense of nationalist Satanyahoo, this Mafia war does not concern “we the people” because both factions are wicked as all hell, and will always close ranks and work together when a true outsider (Ron Paul, Vladimir Putin) threatens their predatory system. If ‘Don’ Satanyahoo’s “family” has it is way, it’s war with Iran and North Korea (a tech supplier of Iran & Syria), which would probably grow into war with China and Russia. If ‘Don’ Soros’ “family” has its way, it is war with Russia and China. 

As for Trumpstein, in spite of his theatrical, neo-con-appeasing bluster against North Korea, we believe that he does not want to do war and will, at the 11th hour, reach a “deal” with China to help him avert the war and come off looking like a peace-through-strength hero. That would really piss off both criminal factions!


1. Devil vs Devil. Globalist Soros and Nationalist Zionist Satanyahu are natural enemies. Both criminal factions want war against North Korea (albeit for different reasons). 2. Trumpstein’s outrageous threats against NK are, we believe, all just for show in order to keep the warmongers off his back. In the long run, the more Trump resists war, the more the factions will attack and subvert his presidency. Will Trumpstein, in order to save his presidency, finally start a war?

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Benjamin Netanyahu is facing legal problems in Israel.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. He is under investigation, I hear. Very similar to what is happening with Trump. What a coincidence.

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