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Join our innovative fundraising effort to aid Hurricane Harvey victims
Mike Adams In the spirit of conscious capitalism, we’ve just announced a 48-hour fundraising effort to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims.

For 48 hours, we are donating 50 percent of all Health Ranger Store revenues to hurricane victims in Texas. ALL orders from our store qualify, no exceptions.

Will you join us in raising these desperately needed relief funds? You can also stock up on your own preparedness items at the same time.

View my full announcement, video and details.

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Join us in helping the victims of Hurricane HarveyThe blow dealt by Harvey was a devastating one, but you can help soften it. The 48-Hour Disaster Relief Fundraiser at the Health Ranger Store is your chance to make a difference. No matter what you purchase, 50 percent of all sales will go towards aiding the victims of Harvey. Don’t miss your chance to do your part, take that extra step, and help those in need while stocking up on preparedness supplies for yourself.

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