How Earnings Have Risen Since 1967, by Race – Figures in thousands of 2015 dollars.


NY Times: White Economic Privilege Is Alive and Well



The academic ass-clown who authored this latest bit of anti-White filth for Sulzberger’s Slimes is the disgraced Paul F. Campos — a professor of Law at the University of Colorado. We say “disgraced” because he is best known for having been trashed up and down for his 2004 book The Obesity Myth which manipulated statistics in order to support the absurd argument that there is nothing unhealthy about being obese.

In the upside-world of “social justice,” the book was actually praised by some “anti-fat-shaming” sociologists. However, in addition to defying basic common sense, The Obesity Myth was unanimously trashed by medical, epidemiological and statistical researchers with professional training in empirical research — all of whom accused Campos of misreading statistics to suit his purposes.

Cheese & crackers! Doesn’t the Slimes even bother to screen its guest writers?



Campos: Fat is good. White people are bad.


Not to be deterred by his prior controversies and total lack of analytical abilities, the lawyer-turned-statistician is back at it with his latest statistical scam. This time, the putrid professor uses fake statistical interpretations to “prove” that “White privilege” TM is at the root of income disparity between Blacks and Whites. A few excerpts:

Campos: Is the white working class losing economic ground because of policies intended to improve the lives of black people? Anxiety and resentment among some white voters about those policies certainly seemed to benefit Donald Trump’s campaign last year, with its populist, ethno-nationalist message.

Rebuttal: The “White working class” didn’t vote for Trump because of resentment over “policies intended to improve the lives of black people.” They voted for Trump because he promised to protect and create good manufacturing jobs. Indeed, many union types who had voted for Obongo (who is Black) switched parties to vote for Trump. So, right from the start, Campos is setting out to build a case on a fallacious foundation.

Campos: The problem with this belief is that it is false.

Rebuttal: See what the con-artist just did? He set forth a false-belief as a prior assumption (racially motivated White voters), and will now attempt to tear down the straw man.

Campos: The income gap between black and white working-class Americans, like the gap between black and white Americans at every income level, remains every bit as extreme as it was five decades ago.

(Campos then proceeds to rattle off a series of statistics to support what everyone already knows, namely, that there is a income and wealth gap among the races)

Rebuttal: This is exactly the type of diversionary statistical trickery that the doctors, scientists and statisticians accused Campos of using in The Obesity Myth. It isn’t necessarily the statistics that are fake, but rather, the manipulative misinterpretation of them.

Campos: These numbers should shock us. Consider that in the mid-1960s, Jim Crow practices were still being dismantled and affirmative action hardly existed. Yet a half-century of initiatives intended to combat the effects of centuries of virulent racism appear to have done nothing to ameliorate inequality between white and black America.

Rebuttal: True. Yet Campos is missing something. You see, when it comes to financial standing, there is a critical Black vs White statistic that Campos and his Marxist-libtarded ilk always ignore — the out-of-wedlock birth rate, aka, fatherless children:

Whites: 30%

Blacks: 75%

When momma is a teen-age Welfare Queen and “babby daddy” is a rollin’ stone, baby boy is already starting out life with an 0-2 count, to use a baseball analogy.It’s got nothing to do with “centuries of virulent racism” TM.

The Black family has been devastated by the social and moral policies of the Left. It was Hollywood (cough cough) and the music industry (cough cough) that taught the Black youth (and a fast-growing number of White kids too now) to fornicate like bunny rabbits. With the social-moral prohibitions against whoredom and single-motherhood gone, the Demoncrap Party simultaneously offered financial protection, and even incentive, for the teens girls to get knocked up.

It doesn’t take a statistician to perform the social math.

P + W = PFC   (Promiscuity + Welfare = Poor Fatherless Children)


The fruits of liberalism.


Campos: Conservatives like Charles Murray tend to blame either social welfare programs for sapping initiative and keeping black people poor, or black people themselves for being less intelligent than whites, or a “pathological” culture that now manifests itself in the white working class as well.

Rebuttal: Murray’s right, ya know.

At this point, Campos, citing more statistics, just regurgitates the same old puke about “the legacy of Jim Crow laws” and how school districts are still not integrated enough, blah, blah, blah. The generational epidemic of single teen girls (of all races now) churning out fatherless babies never even registers with Marxist and libtards. The Marxists won’t talk about it because they deliberately engineered this social tragedy. Libtards won’t talk about it because they are too stupid to solve the simple math equation we listed above. Here it is again:

P + W = PFC   (Promiscuity + Welfare = Poor Fatherless Children)


We close with a bit of ancient and eternal Aryan-Indian wisdom, excerpted from the Bhagavad Gita, which deals with this subject:

“When irreligion is prominent in the family, O Krsna, the women of the family become polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood comes unwanted progeny. .. good population in human society is the basic principle for peace, prosperity and spiritual progress in life. … Such population depends on the chastity and faithfulness of its womanhood. As children are very prone to be misled, women are similarly very prone to degradation. Therefore, both children and women require protection by the elder members of the family. Women will not be misled into adultery. ….So the different family traditions of religious activities should always engage women, and thus their chastity and devotion will give birth to a good population .. On the failure of such naturally the women become free to act and mix with men, and thus adultery is indulged in at the risk of unwanted population. Irresponsible men also provoke adultery in society, and thus unwanted children flood the human race …”


1. Ancient Aryan wisdom is beyond the ability of modern libtards to grasp. But the Globo-Marxists know what they are doing. 2. Notice how the Indian artwork depicts what are clearly White people — the ancient Aryans who later blended into the native population. 3. If more Black babies had been born within the traditional family structure depicted above, the Demoncraps and the Jewish-owned poverty-pimps would have been out of business years ago.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read some very disturbing statistics on income disparity between Blacks and Whites in today’s New York Times.

Boobus Americanus 2: The tragic legacies of slavery and Jim Crow run very deep.

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