‘Jewish (ZIONIST?) Actors Posed As Klansmen’ as Rothschild ZIONIST Khazar Mafia Works Hard to Create Civil Unrest

LOL!!! Alex Jones Says ‘Jewish Actors Posed As Klansmen, etc’ In Charlottesville

by MG editor

ed note–Jones is not alone in this. Since we began running coverage and commentary of what took place there in Charlottesville, we have been inundated with emails from angry white nationalists who claim that simply by running pics of the guys in the white robes, those making the Nazi salute and of the Rambo wannbes toting their AR15s in full battle dress that we were ‘repeating the lies and slander’ of the Jews against whites, even though there is not an ounce of reason to suspect for a microsecond that the guys on the ground there in Charlottesville were anything other than what they appeared to be–the real deal.

What it underscores is a complete disconnect with reality on the part of some of these folks who themselves know–by virtue of hanging out on  websites such as Daily Stormer and Stormfront–about the love affair that exists between the alt-right/WN crowd and Hitler, and yet, when it manifests itself in a real, visible way, suddenly it’s all a ‘set up’ made to make the Alt-Right/WN look bad.

Do I/we doubt for an instant that Jews engage in this kind of business? Of course not, they have a long track record of these kinds of shenanigans, but why would they need to in this case, given that the Alt-Right/WN crowd is more than willing to do it themselves, and to do so with their heads held high and with swelling pride in their love of ‘blood and soil’.

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