Free 92 Page Booklet Explains How Drone Warfare Precision is a Lie

Drone warfare is built on a lie.

Government officials have promoted the drone program as a way to use technology to sanitize warfare, claiming low costs, few civilian casualties, and reduced danger for our troops. But technology is not magic. They never explain how they would be able to achieve the high precision they claim. In reality, they haven’t been honest about the limitations of the technology, the strategic effectiveness of the program, and its human toll.

This month, a new report from Corpwatch takes a comprehensive look at the technologies, processes, and corporate contractors that comprise drone warfare. Drone Inc: Marketing the Illusion of Precision Killing deconstructs the shortcomings and limitations of each component and shows how an error in any individual technology can be compounded through every step of the complex system.

Drone Inc is a major contribution to public knowledge of a very secretive and troubling program. The report relies significantly on testimony from a number of our clients — whistleblowers who have bravely come forward to fill in gaps in public understanding and challenge the claims of government officials.

Read Drone Inc.

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