‘During the Korean War, it is estimated that “39,000 Americans and at least 2.5 million Koreans died.” We certainly do not want to see blood all over Asia again. But the Neocons and warmongers do not care whatsoever. They want to take decent and naïve Americans and slaughter them all over the world in the name of “democracy” and “freedom.”

For the past six years or so, Russia has been in the business of screwing the New World Order ideology up pretty bad. When US officials were going crazy saying Assad used Chemical weapons in Syria, Russia presented evidence that this was not the case.

Russia has done it again. The warmongers have been saying that North Korea tested a missile on July 4th that had the potential to reach Alaska. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the alleged test “a global threat.” Political prostitute Nikki Haley was already at the UN whining and saying crazy things like Russia needed to go along with the flow, which is none other than the New World Order ideology.’

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