Since Zionists Have Iron Clad Control Over U.S. Gov’t It’s Hard to Believe They Don’t Have a Hand Involving the “Missing 411” Too!

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The “Missing 411” books are the most intriguing and factually based writings I’ve read in years. The author details the circumstances behind the disappearances and then supplies the articles that support the facts. There are many cases from Canada as well as the U.S. The most amazing fact is that the U.S. national park Service states they do not track missing people inside their parks and when the author asks for any data associated with the missing, they want to charge him 1.4 million dollars for them to do their job, unbelievable!! Great book. Go straight to their site for purchase,, don’t go to Amazon, they want too much money….




The ritual murder of Saint Simon of Trent.

Whenever the accusation of ritual murder is made against the Jews they always claim that this a libel against them and act as if this has already been proved somewhere. They rely upon people’s incredulity that a group of people living in their midst could carry out such heinous crimes. Yet there has never yet been a case of libel brought against any of their accusers in the ritual murder cases and there have literally been hundreds of recorded instances of it, throughout the time we have had Jews living among us. These cases against the Jews were tried in some of the highest courts in the land, with the Jews having the best lawyers along with the King’s protection, yet they were still found guilty in the vast majority of cases.

If pressed for more details as to why the accusation is a libel, the Jews will tell you that the confessions were obtained by torture and are thus unreliable, but what most people do not know is that any confession obtained through torture had to be confirmed again at a later date under normal conditions, to give the accused a chance to recant. Torture was not used out of some kind of perverse sadistic desire to hurt people, but was used as the most effective way to get to the truth of a matter. If the accused were lying while under duress to make the pain stop, then they had the chance to say so when they were back under normal conditions. Far from recanting at a later date, in most cases the accused Jews even went to their execution still boasting about what they had done, seeing themselves as martyrs for the practices of Judaism rather than as falsely accused innocents.

 The crucifixion of the martyr Saint William of Norwich, from a painting on the roof of a church in Norwich.
The crucifixion of the martyr Saint William of Norwich, from a painting on the roof of a church in Norwich.

The Jews were brought into Britain by William Norman in 1066 to be used as tax collectors for him and like all Jews in Europe at that time, they were seen as the chattel of the King. They were his property. As such, they were the most unlikely people to be taken to court in the first place, let alone be found guilty. Today they would like people to think that it was unlawful lynch mobs that burnt them alive, but that could not have happened due to them being owned by the King. There had to have been a trial first, in order to prevent the townspeople from having the same done to them. In less than eighty years of them first setting foot in Britain the Jews had abducted their first Christian child and crucified him in their passover ritual. Although this was the first instance of Jewish ritual murder in Britain, there are many historical records of them engaging in human sacrifice going right back to a century just before Christ, where Damocritus wrote about how every seven years the Jews sacrificed a gentile in their temple. The historian Flavius Josephus confirms that there were Greek records detailing this act and that it was not just a literary invention.

We know from the confessions and the converso whistle-blowers that as part of their rituals they would circumcise the Christian child, before draining him of blood and then crucifying him. The drained blood would be mixed with the wine and unleavened bread used in their passover rituals before being consumed. It would also be used for healing potions and Kabbalistic curses directed at the hated Christian nations, that had allowed them to dwell among them. The blood itself would be dried out and put into special waxed leather pouches where it could then be sold on for money to other Jews that required it. The rich Jews were expected to provide Christian blood for the poorer Jewish families that could not afford their own, or find a Christian child to abduct.

The whole Jewish community was involved in many of these murders. A rabbi had to be present at each one to certify that the slaughter was kosher.

It may seem hardly believable that they would eat and drink blood like this, but they still drink the blood from their own circumcised infants to this day. The mohel spits the blood into a glass of wine and then wets the infants lips with it, thus inducting him into their Satanic cult.

In the middle ages the foreskin would be thrown in the air for the Jewesses to fight over as Christian bridesmaids might scramble for a bouquet of flowers thrown to them. The lucky Jewess who managed to catch the foreskin would then gulp it down hoping for it to make her fertile. There are even recipes for making sweets out of the foreskin in some of the literature that accompanies the Talmud.

The trade in Christian blood was a very lucrative one and much easier than having to transport castrated Christian slaves to the Arabs, which was their regular trade before they made their way into northern Europe. Since they had no squeamishness about castrating young boys and they acknowledge doing this today, why would it be hard to believe that they were also capable of torturing and draining the blood from the child? A rabbi had to be present at the immolation in order to certify the blood kosher and these certificates would be taken around by the traders in blood to assure potential buyers that it was genuine. Just in the last century a Jew is recorded as travelling into Syria with bottles of blood, for which he was willing to pay a huge amount in tax in order to get it passed through and into the country.

The blood was required for a variety of uses, not just in the passover ritual.

Over twenty of these poor White Christian children were made into Saints although the Jews have tried to hush this up today. They have done all they can to remove the traces of their crimes against our children, including removing all the many books on the subject that used to proliferate in the universities of Britain. Arab writers are the ones mainly still publicising these crimes today, with the Syrian Defence Minister Mustafa Tlass writing ‘The Matzoh of Zion’ in 1986 and various Muslim film makers using it as subject matter.

Today the Jews have managed to hide their bloody history from most European people, who have no idea generally of the many outrages against Christendom they are guilty of. When a child is abducted the Jews are never even mentioned as a possible guilty party. Like with all their other crimes, the Jews have now become more sophisticated with what they do. They used to poison wells, now they add fluoride to the water supply. They used to chip the corners from gold currency and move the ingots out of the country, now they create money from nothing with ‘your’ credit cards and loans. Where they used to drain blood from Christian children for them to drink, they are now heavily involved in the illegal organ trade. Where they used to circumcise the child and eat the foreskin, they now use the prepuce for cosmetics and skin creams. They use the foetuses from the many abortions they carry out to extract stem cells and other vital substances to put in pharmaceuticals. Instead of just sacrificing one Christian child once a year, now they murder thousands each day in their abortion clinics.

The worst thing that ever happened to us was allowing the Jew to live among us. The reasoning for his crimes is beyond our comprehension and because we are not capable of such wickedness ourselves, we project our own conscience onto him and refuse to believe the overwhelming evidence of his toxicity. Until he is removed from our societies either by us or through an act of God, his diabolical actions against us will continue to get worse.

The sentence of the courts was often for the Jews to be burnt at the stake.


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