Restoring American Manufacturing and the General Welfare Depends on Restoring the American System

Developments in the U.S. today give further evidence that the intentions of President Donald Trump to rebuild the American economy and reverse the collapse of the American standard of living, while well intentioned, can not possibly be realized without resolving the onrushing collapse of the Western financial system. A recovery is impossible without the creation of a modern form of the Hamiltonian credit system, to generate the massive quantities of credit needed to even budge the wounded colossus of the American economy. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that nearly $5 trillion is needed over the next eight years just to restore the decayed infrastructure to a decent standard, while the China Investment Corporation, a sovereign wealth fund looking to invest billions in the U.S. (if the necessary financial structures can be created), estimates the infrastructure shortfall at $8 trillion.READ MORE

Global Warming Watch: Reports of ‘Record Temperatures’ Are the Product of Data Manipulation, Not Science

The American people are bombarded with claims that every recent year is apparently the “hottest year on record” (implying that human CO2 emissions must be the cause for this “unprecedented” climate change). However, a new study further demonstrates what [i]EIR[/i] presented in the 2015 report, “Global Warming Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science” — the historical records of global temperatures over the past 100 years have been adjusted to make the past appear cooler, and the present appear warmer (making what are actually natural variations look more extreme).READ MORE

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