Israel is NOT Christian-Friendly At All-Christians Are Discriminated Against in Israel!

Israel is not as Christian-friendly as you think

by Sabba

jews hate christ christians love israel

Sabba – Not a bad article but it fails to state the obvious: Christian-hatred has been mainstream judaism for 2017 years now. Full stop. And it is saddening as well as infuriating that the overwhelming majority of practicing Christians still fail to see that, still fail to see that it is pre-talmudic judaism which killed countless Prophets and sent the Messiah Jesus (PBUH) to the Cross, still view judaism as the ‘older sister’ and still entertain the hope to convert the Synagogue of Satan to Christianity.

How can they still continue to find excuses for judaism by blaming the Talmud or this jewish sect or that one when they (should) know that the Talmud and all the subsequent sects came into being only after Christianity was established as a religion?

How can they still fail to see that, having failed to silence the Man of Galilee even after Crucifixion Friday 33 A.D, the jewish priesthood had to come up with a response to this new Faith to prevent their flock from adopting it and thus assimilate. And that’s what the Talmud, with its sickening and deeply deranged anti-Christian ideology, really is: a jewish response to Jesus Christ’s message. 

Christians around the world must never ever loose sight that the first and main enemy of Judaism is not Islam but Jesus Christ, his blessed Mother (PBUT), his memory, his legacy, his followers.

While some Christians, especially Middle Eastern Christians, are finally waking up to their reality, they must come clean and admit that they are partly responsible for what has happened to them because they stood by the jews against their Muslim brothers and sisters for decades. Yes, Arab Christians, like Western Christians up until recently, had almost always sided with those who sent Jesus to Cross, with those who spit at them and at their Churches, while blaming their Muslim brothers and sisters for all their ills.

Why and how they could even want to side with the Prophets killers, with those Jesus himself labelled as the children of Satan? Some Palestinian and Lebanese Christians gave me their answer, the exact same response this author cites: “After all, Christians and Jews share a common history. Christians, like Jews, revere the Old Testament, so there is a certain implied kinship”.  CONTINUE READING

My Comment:  Feature picture is on Israeli TV mocking Jesus as a Monkey.

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