The Countries Named For Regime Change by PNAC Are the Countries Americans SHOULD SUPPORT!!!

My Comment:  The countries named for regime change have been targeted by the Satanic Rothschild cabal of Khazars who will make trillions of dollars on these regime changes financing both sides and the American Soldier will be the one coming home bruised & traumatized, armless, legless, PTSD’d and then feeling like a burden on the U.S. Taxpayer who will not benefit at all from these foreign invasions in the name of Democracy/really Rothschild Aristocracy is what our soldiers are fighting for and taxpayers pay for.  It’s all a rigged media game and we are the pawns.  Question the information you’re given and always ask:  who benefits??

The Rothschilds ALWAYS benefit from these wars and steal oil as well as other natural resources from their destroyed & defeated opponents while the American taxpayer always pays the war bills.  This is why the American taxpayer is so indebted while the Rothschilds have $500 trillion in wealth!  If you are a gambler playing at a casino and when you lose the American taxpayer pays your debts but when you win you keep it all-this is like the Banksters derivatives scams again run by Khazarian Mafia in Wall Street-the biggest hucksters who ever lived!!!

The illuminati Synagogue of Satan are the Rothschild Khazar and that is REally who the American Military work for!

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