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Jewish Defense League Now In Partnership with… The Soldiers Of Odin

by Sabba

Sabba – Now that didn’t take long. Soon we will learn that the SOD, like the English Defense League, have been created by a jew and, just like the cretins of EDL, they will come out of their judaic closet, with their Baphomet-Viking logo and chant that the true Scandinavians will never abandon Israel.

Odin belongs to Germanic/Norse mythologies, those mythologies which are fueling the dreams and hopes of most of the self proclaimed ‘white’ nationalists. For reasons which are still rather obscure to me, these white nationalists have elevated the Germanic/Scandinavian culture and people to the highest pedestal. The Viking and/or the Teutonic Knight have become some role model, the blue print for the new ‘white’ Man.

We all know about the jewish role in the slave trade in the Modern era. We even love to remind ourselves of it. But few know or want to admit that those who managed the slave trade during the Middle Ages were these same Germanic/Scandinavians that the white nationalists worship. But unlike the jews, who were their main customers, the Scandinavian and Germanic slave hunters were only trading WHITE SLAVES.

Yes, the Vikings and the Germans were the greatest slave traders of their time and their victims were mainly CHRISTIAN Eastern European people, the Slavs, and this is where we got the word ‘slave’ from. The Soldiers of Odin and the Jews working hand in hand is nothing new and is rooted in their old slave trade history.

Are the Viking and the Germanic/Teutonic knight still a role model?


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