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Big Developments on All Fronts: Trump Moves to Join Silk Road; Coup Conspirators Chew Rugs; Helga Zepp LaRouche: “Ideas Move the World”

Dear Reader,

When we sat down to compose this week’s email, it was clear that one subject wouldn’t do. There have been hugely significant developments. We are summarizing these in newsletter format which we will continue to do as developments warrant.

First and foremost, in a meeting with China’s top foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, President Trump told the Chinese that the United States is willing to cooperate on projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative. As a regular reader, you know that this is the largest infrastructure building project in world history and the key to jump-starting the U.S. economy with thousands of productive jobs. Our organization has been fighting for the United States to join the New Silk Road for at least three years, since the publication of the EIR Report, “The New Silk Road Becomes the World Landbridge.” At first we were the only ones. But now the infectious optimism of the project is spreading throughout the United States. The U.S. China CEO and Former Senior Official Dialogue, a joint project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges met on June 20-21 and agreed that the two countries can engage in full cooperation with respect to the Belt and Road. In San Francisco, 100 Chinese and American government officials and infrastructure company representatives met, with the Chinese Consul General stating that, cooperation on infrastructure building was to become the new highlight in U.S./ China trade. In Detroit, 3000 participants packed into Cobo Hall for a conference sponsored by Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. Ma told the crowd, if you miss China, you miss the future. President Trump is hoping to meet with President Xi Jinping at the July G20 meeting and will go to China in the next year. If you don’t already know about the Belt and Road project, watch this video or this exciting view of Belt and Road development in Kenya.

Also on the good news front, President Trump prevailed in the primary for Georgia’s 6th District Congressional seat, styled by the resisters and coup fiends as a “referendum on Trump” and flooded with over 30 million dollars in Bi-Coastal money on behalf of Democrat Steve Ossoff. The shocked reactions of CNN’s anchors went viral on the internet. It has become very clear that the population simply isn’t buying the Russia war and Trump impeachment/assassination fever which is gripping official Washington, Hollywood, and die-hard Obama lovers on both coasts. Once again, the enemy deluded itself that the population would come back to their failed, bankrupt, and immoral imperial system if it was only presented better. Despite their repeated assertions that they are still in charge and set the rules, they have lost the mandate of heaven. They yell and scream on behalf of a doomed system which does not work and can only accomplish war and destruction.

This week’s LaRouchePAC webcast featuring Paul Gallagher summarized our fight to turn the President away from the snakes in his administration and the Republican Party (who wish to saddle him with the failed austerity policies of Wall Street while the country falls apart, thereby ensuring his removal from office).

As Paul summarizes, a real fight has broken out in the Congress in support of Glass-Steagall as a corporate debt bubble looms on the horizon which could make the 2008 financial collapse seem like child’s play. Steve Mnuchin, the Wall Street snake and Treasury Secretary is fighting against Glass-Steagall and also peddling crazed public/private partnership schemes as the answer to the $8 trillion dollar infrastructure emergency facing the United States. Paul contrasts this Wall Street scheme with China’s approach and the approach undertaken by our founders to fund the development of our country, the American System, which President Trump has endorsed. You can watch Paul’s segment of the webcast here.

Finally on the coup front, there are the first real signs of coordinated fight back. LaRouchePAC organizers have taken to the streets on both coasts in support of the President. These are the bastions of support for the coup. The response we have received when outlining the real reasons for it (war with Russia and China to preserve an imperial unipolar world) have been electric and show that Americans still have a strong sense of smell and know that something very rotten is at the center of the attacks on Trump. The tide is turning. Similarly, the attacks on Comey/Mueller, the latest aspect of the British directed coup, are being focused by Fox, Breitbart and other media and are even penetrating the timid Congressional environs of our nation’s capital.

Our goal on this front for this week is to break the phony Congressional “respect” for Robert Mueller, prosecutor of Lyndon LaRouche, perpetrator of mass torture against innocents under George W. Bush, author of the post 9/11 surveillance police state as Director of the FBI, accused of prosecutorial fraud by the courts in the Noreiga case, destroyer of the life of Steven Hatfield, falsely accused of the Anthrax mailings, etc. and to further demonstrate that the entire “Russia hacked the election campaign” is a British fraud. We were helped substantially along this week by a rug-chewing article in the Washington Post, seeking to provide cover for the role of Obama officials in the directed coup against President Trump. The Post article served to demonstrate that the phony British Christopher Steele MI-6 dodgy dossier and phony intelligence from Britain’s GCHQ are the sole basis for the entire Russiagate fraud. Once tasked by the Brits, Obama ordered his compliant intelligence community to back the British phony intelligence while planting cyberbombs in Russian computer systems – an act of aggression only matched in this period by Obama’s dangerous actions in support of terrorists in Syria – all designed to permanently thwart any chance the Trump would abandon Washington’s perpetual war policies. As you can see, the stakes could not be higher but the path to victory is clear. An aroused informed citizenry can really change the course of history. Join us, call 800-929-7566 to learn what you can do to help. Editorial Staff

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