Real Journalist, Eva Bartlett, Tells Horror Story of Palestinians Daily Life

“Eva Bartlett discusses the power outage and daily abuses in Gaza”, ANC Report (AUDIO)

by Eva Bartlett

May 1, 2017, ANC Report
Thanks Ry Dawson for having me on to talk about the hell that is life in Gaza, as well as the struggle of Palestinian political prisoners, and solidarity with Syria.
(*Please note: webcam might be closer than it appears… Sorry for the close-up, some sort of setting or his recording program issue, I suppose.*)

Listen to the discussion HERE


Some points mentioned and related links:

*Gaza Electricity/Sewage Crises and Related*
-Ry Dawson and Robert Inlakesh speak about Gaza
-UN predictions fall short: Gaza uninhabitable today, Dec 21, 2014, RT Op-Edge, (longer version on blog)
“Today we went with Beit Hanoun ‘Local Initiative’ volunteers to retrieve the long-decomposed body of a man who didn’t live to see his own 19th birthday.
Ahmed Abu Hashish disappeared on April 21st. His family believed that he had been killed somewhere in the north-eastern border region, the israeli-imposed ‘buffer zone’ where Zionist soldiers routinely shoot at Palestinian farmers and residents. Since then, his parents and others have searched, unsuccessfully, for his body, fearing the worst.
Sixteen of us (family, local rights activists and volunteers from Beit Hanoun, and international accompaniment ) set out this morning to comb the land for the missing youth. The terrain is dry weeds and tall, prickly scrub, making walking difficult.
We accompanied the father -Abu Ayesh- and a local who knew the area well, filming and attempting to convey to the soldiers shooting at us from jeeps that we had come to retrieve a corpse.
The shooting, along with 2 loud explosions, likely sound grenades, became more intense and closer when the body was actually spotted and the team started to load it onto a white sheet. As we quickly loaded Ahmed Abu Hashish onto his cloth stretcher, the shooting continued.
Abu Ayesh had been further off, and thankfully missed the scene of his son’s body, 54 days decomposed, falling apart, head falling off.
Nearly 2 months after his death, the anguish of the Ahmed Abu Hashish family is great, his body desecrated by the elements, they denied access to it due to the threat of being shot by israeli soldiers at the border –who indeed did shoot when we retrieved the body….”
*List of many of my own links/writings/photos from/on Gaza here:

*Palestinian Political Prisoners*

“…the Strike of Freedom and Dignity has a series of demands, including an end to the denials of family visits, appropriate medical care and treatment for ill Palestinian prisoners, and an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial.”
“The strike has been met with sharp repression by the Israeli prison administration, which has denied legal visits to the vast majority of hunger strikers, cut off family visits, confiscated prisoners’ clothing and blankets, subjected strikers to frequent raids and abusive transfers from one prison to another, isolated hunger strike leaders in solitary confinement and even confiscated salt from hunger strikers according to many reports. Hunger strikers take only salt and water during their strikes.
Repressive units continued to attack the prisoners in Ayalon Ramle prison on Friday, 28 April, after transferring a number of leaders of the hunger strike to isolation cells in this prison…”
Addameer Prisoner Support:
“Approximately 6,500 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons and detention centers, including approximately 300 children and nearly 550 held under administrative detention, a form of detention without charge or trial that Israel uses to hold Palestinians indefinitely on secret information.
Each year the Israeli military arrests thousands of Palestinians in an attempt to suppress any resistance to its continued occupation and apartheid policies. Among these are hundreds of children, some as young as 12 years old. In too many cases Palestinian children are tortured, ill-treated, placed in solitary confinement and coerced into signing a confession in Hebrew, a language which most Palestinian children do not understand. Every year approximately 500-700 children are sentenced in Israeli courts.
Night raids are the most common form of arrest, during which Israeli soldiers will ransack an individual’s house, destroying personal property and abusing physically abusing family members. The arrested person will then be handcuffed and blindfolded before being thrown into the back of an Israeli military jeep, face-down, where the beatings, insults, and humiliation will continue.
Under Israeli military law, Palestinians can be interrogated for a period of 75 days and denied access to a lawyer for 60 days. Since 1967, approximately 75 Palestinian detainees have died as a result of torture while under Israeli interrogation.
-“Alliance of Convenience: Why Israel Supports ISIS?” ( Syriana Analysis VIDEO)

My Comment:  Israel is a Zionist Country, created by Zionist Rothschild’s furthering a Zionist NWO agenda that involves genociding Palestinians and then the rest of us….you really didn’t think they would stop after terrorizing and killing off the Palestinians, did you?  Rise up!


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