No Need to Worry About Waning Jewish Support For Trump!

Republican Jewish Donors Wavering in Their Support of Trump and are now dreaming of a President Penceby MG editor

U.S. casino magnate and Republican Party backer Sheldon Adelson in 2015.

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Things Will Work Out Just Fine

Wednesday’s appointment of Robert Mueller as a “special counsel” was a fraud, a farce and an outrage from the get-go. To begin with, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s order starts out by stating it as fact that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections—even though no evidence of that has ever been presented. And then, the man named as “special counsel,” former FBI Director Robert Mueller, has a long record of proven corruption. He was a leader of the “Get-LaRouche Task Force” which framed-up Lyndon LaRouche on false charges in 1988, after years of efforts. Then he was named FBI Director days before the Sept, 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and spent the next twelve years as FBI Director covering up the evidence of the Saudi-British authorship of those attacks.READ MORE

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