Erdogan-Trump Have Warm Meeting of Minds on YPG: Fighting Terrorism For Real?

Erdogan-Trump Meeting, the Deep State and the Reality of YPG


Erdogan-Trump Meeting, the Deep State and the Reality of YPG. 60562.jpeg

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By Harun Yahya

As readers will recall, only one week prior to President Erdogan’s visit to the White House, President Trump had signed a decree allowing the supply of heavy weaponry to the YPG. Some analysts said that after this move, increased strains between the countries would be inevitable and predicted such tension to dominate the meeting as well.

However, they were proven wrong. The meeting was dominated by a warm, friendly, sincere atmosphere and saw an exchange of praises and messages of friendship between the two presidents. They particularly emphasized that the strong relations between the two allies would continue.

CNN described the meeting as one where Trump extended a warm welcome to Erdogan, who had a strained relationship with the previous US administration.

Interestingly, the strain between the Obama administration and Turkey did not result from matters any different than those that are at the table today. The connection of the USA with the YPG terror group was always the main cause.

President Erdogan, during the press conference at the White House, clearly referred to this wrong policy and said “There is no place for the terrorist organization in the future of our region, taking the YPG and PYD into consideration in the region will never be accepted and it’s going to be against a global agreement that we have reached“. President Trump, briefly pledged his support and said ‘We support Turkey in the first fight against terror and terror groups, like ISIS and the PKK,’ without making any direct reference to YPG.

The Turkish delegation presented to the US administration a very comprehensive report that includes hundreds   of documents and clear evidence showing how the YPG is the Syrian offshoot of the terrorist PKK, which is a US-designated terror group. In any event, many US officers closely familiar with the region, often talk about this fact.

For instance, Robert Ford, a former US ambassador to Syria provided evidence of the fact that PYD/YPG is the same terror group as the PKK, in his article he penned for the Atlantic on May 11, 2017. In his op-ed, Ford explains how the PYD was founded by the PKK leaders in the PKK headquarters based in Qandil, and PYD militants are former PKK members and that PKK terrorists that carry out attacks in Turkey are trained in Northern Syria.

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