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North Korean Birthday Celebration Video Shows Missiles Hitting U.S. Cities

North Korean Birthday Celebration Video Shows Missiles Hitting U.S. Cities

Posted: 19 Apr 2017 11:47 AM PDT

We Are Change

Amid tension between the U.S. and North Korea, the despotic regime put on a musical display to mark the birthday of the countries founding father Kim Il Sung, which started with singing by a choir and ending with a mock-up video of missiles appearing to strike the United States as supporters cheered on the display.

North Korea’s state television aired the footage of the performance on Sunday, a day after a huge display of military might for a parade in Pyongyang, marking the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung.

The singing was accompanied by footage of a missile test fire in February which, in the video, was later joined by other missiles passing over a CGI Pacific Ocean exploding into giant balls of flames when they hit their target — the United States.

The video ended with a picture of the American flag in flames, with several white crosses in a cemetery as the Korean flag emerged unscathed.

“When the performance was over, all the performers and participants in the military parade broke into enthusiastic cheers of ‘hurrah!’,” state run KCNA news agency said.

State TV footage showed leader Kim smiling and waving in response to the video.

“The Dear Supreme Leader waved back to them and congratulated the artistes on their successful performance,” KCNA said.

You can watch the full video below:


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‘OK Google, Is World War 3 About To Happen?’ The Answer May Surprise You

Posted: 19 Apr 2017 11:30 AM PDT

We Are Change

Article via The Anti-Media

Following U.S. military escalations with both Syria and North Korea and the United States’ decision to drop the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan, Google revealed last week that more people are searching for the term ‘World War 3’ than ever before.

Data provided by Google, which began keeping track in 2004, shows that terms like “war” and “nuclear war” are currently spiking, as well. And in addition to ‘World War 3’ hitting an all-time high, searches for the term “Trump war” have also reached a new level.

On April 6, the United States launched a barrage of missiles at Syria, purportedly in response to a chemical attack the U.S. claims was ordered by President Bashar al-Assad. The airstrikes killed scores of civilians and marked the first direct attack against Assad’s government.

Two days later, it was reported that the U.S. had ordered an aircraft carrier, complete with a traveling unit of warships and jets, to begin steaming toward the Korean peninsula. On Monday, news broke that the U.S. had just ordered two more aircraft carriers to do the same.

Then, last week, CNN hit the world with a report that opened with the following:

“The US military dropped America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb on ISIS targets in Afghanistan Thursday, the first time this type of weapon has been used in battle, according to US officials.”

Given the current situation, it isn’t exactly difficult to understand why people are suddenly asking about ‘World War 3’ on the outbreak of global war.

Creative Commons / Anti-Media / Report a typo

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President Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies In Four Countries

Posted: 19 Apr 2017 09:59 AM PDT

We Are Change

Article via Antiwar

US president Donald Trump sounded sincere when he described how he felt after seeing pictures of “beautiful little babies” allegedly killed by a Syrian government chemical weapons attack on April 4.

“These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated,” said Trump, and hours later, the US launched nearly 60 tomahawk missiles in response to the allegations.

But what about the beautiful little babies killed by US bombs since Trump became president? Is Trump not concerned about those children because they were killed by his missiles, and not Assad’s chemical weapons?

In the first three months of his presidency, Trump has dropped bombs – and killed children – in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Here are a few of the instances:

  • An eight-year-old girl was killed during a US raid in Yemen in January. The girl, Nora al-Awlaki, was a US citizen and the daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, a New Mexico-born Muslim who was killed by the Obama administration in 2011 for his purported ties to al-Qaeda. In 2015, Nora’s older brother, 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, also an American citizen, was killed by a US airstrike in Yemen. Nora al-Awlaki was shot in the neck by members of US SEAL Team 6 as they raided houses of suspected al-Qaeda members. Several Yemeni women were also killed in the raid.
  • At least 18 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in February by US airstrikes aimed at the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to the United Nations. “How could women and children be Taliban?” asked a resident of Sangin, who said 11 people were killed in his brother’s house in an airstrike.
  • More than 200 civilians, including 34 women and 32 children were killed in US airstrikes around Raqqa, Syria since March, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. In one incident, at least 33 civilians were killed when a US airstrike hit a school that was used as a shelter by Syrian families who were fleeing ISIS in Raqqa.
  • US airstrikes in Mosul, Iraq killed up to 240 civilians, including scores of children last month when US forces dropped bombs on civilian homes in response to a handful of ISIS fighters who were using the local residents’ roofs. Munatha Jasim, who lost her four-year-old daughter, seven-year-old son, and seven other relatives when her home was destroyed, said a sniper had set up across the street from her house. “Just because one ISIS [fighter] was on our house, the [US] aircraft bombed us.” Another resident, Ali Abdulghani told the New York Times, “not all of the houses had [ISIS] on the roof … why, just because of one [ISIS], kill everyone?”
More and more people are asking for proof that Assad gassed his own people

The fact that Trump’s bombs are killing innocent people in four countries is bad enough, but his most recent rationale for bombing Syria is based on unproven claims that the Syrian government used sarin against civilians.

The only ‘evidence’ presented to the public thus far by the White House is an unclassified report in which “open-source material” and “pro-opposition social media reporting” are part of a package of information that led the Trump administration to believe with a “very high degree of confidence” that the Syrian regime carried out the sarin attacks.

So, “open-source material” and “pro-opposition social media reporting” count as intelligence? And a “very high degree of confidence” is the bar set by Trump to determine whether or not to bomb another country?

As astonishing as that seems, it hasn’t stopped the media from believing the unproven narrative, as FAIR pointed out last week: of the top 100 US newspapers, only 1 paper, the Houston Chronicle, said the attack shouldn’t have happened.

But a growing number of journalists including Stephen Cohen, Robert Parry, Gareth Porter, Justin Raimondo, Rick Sterling and former members of congress Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have been expressing serious doubts about the White House claims. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is demanding evidence that Assad was responsible for the attack (Gabbard was skewered by establishment Democrats for her remarks – Howard Dean said Gabbard is a “disgrace” and that she should “not be in congress.”)

Even conservative columnist Ann Coulter is questioning Assad’s culpability and the ensuing US military response:

“Assad is one of the least bad leaders in the entire Middle East. He’s not a murderous thug like Saddam, has no rape rooms, isn’t into jihad, protects Christians, and is fighting ISIS. He provided us with intelligence on al-Qaida after 9/11. He does not have crazy Islamic police slapping women around or throwing gays off buildings. (That would be our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia.)

“Now we hear [Trump] saw the sad picture, which, let’s be honest, is probably faked. It makes no sense that Assad would do this … this is the rise of the military industrial complex, the neocons, permanent war.”

Additionally, Theodore A. Postol, a former scientific adviser to the Chief of Naval Operations, and an MIT professor of Science, Technology and National Security, said that the National Security Council generated a “fraudulent intelligence report” as part of “a dedicated attempt to manufacture a false claim that the intelligence actually supported the president’s decision to attack Syria.”

And Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer and Director of the Council for the National Interest, said that military and intelligence personnel intimately familiar with the Syrian chemical gas intelligence believe Trump’s claims are a “sham.” Giraldi said his intelligence sources are “astonished” by the establishment’s narrative, and that they are considering going public due to their concerns of an escalation of violence in Syria.

If this is true, it would be nice for those people to seek ways to disseminate their information as soon as possible. The longer the “Assad gassed his own people” claims stick around, the more likely people will be to accept Syrian regime change as palatable. This concept was studied by researchers from the University of Michigan who say there is a phenomenon known as “backfire” where misinformed people rarely change their minds when presented with the facts – and often become even more attached to their beliefs.

This article first appeared on Antiwar.com and was authored by Chris Ernesto.

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Trump Administration Turns Sights On Iran “The Biggest Sponsor Of Terrorism”

Posted: 19 Apr 2017 09:58 AM PDT

We Are Change

The Trump administration said on Tuesday it was launching a review on lifting the sanctions against Iran, noting Tehran has been complying with the deal the Obama administration put forth.

In a letter to U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that Iran remained compliant with the 2015 deal, but said he was concerned about the country’s role as a state sponsor of terrorism Reuters reported.

“Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods,” Tillerson wrote, adding that he was alerting Congress “to an effort directed by the President to evaluate whether continuing to lift sanctions would be in U.S. national security interests.”

As part of the deal, the State Department must notify Congress every 90 days on Iran’s compliance under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“The U.S. Department of State certified to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan today that Iran is compliant through April 18 with its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” Tillerson said in a statement.

“President Donald J. Trump has directed a National Security Council-led interagency review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that will evaluate whether suspension of sanctions related to Iran pursuant to the JCPOA is vital to the national security interests of the United States,” Tillerson added.

He did not specify how long the review would take or what the review would entail but said in the letter to Ryan that the administration looked forward to working with Congress on the issue.

The nuclear deal was struck in July 2015 after 18 long months of negotiations between the U.S., U.K., China, France and Russia, Germany, and Iran. The deal established a commitment with Iran to limit its development of nuclear material in return for the lifting of oil and financial sanctions against the country.

President Trump has referred to the agreement as “the worst deal ever negotiated.”

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary James Mattis slammed Iran on Wednesday for destabilizing the middle east and stated that:

“We will have to overcome Iran’s efforts to destabilize yet another country and create another militia in their image of Lebanese Hezbollah but the bottom line is we are on the right path for it.”

“Everywhere you look if there is trouble in the region, you find Iran,” Mattis added.

#BREAKING: #US Defense Secretary from #Riyadh: We will prevent Iran from establishing a ‘#Hezbollah-like’ militia in #Yemen pic.twitter.com/nNx7ypKjz5

— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) April 19, 2017

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DHS Secretary: FBI Investigating Radical Terrorists In All 50 States

Posted: 19 Apr 2017 09:55 AM PDT

We Are Change

The FBI currently has investigations, “opened into radical Islamic terrorists in all 50 states,” according to the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly. He warns the public that the threat of terrorism in the United States has reached an all-time high with radicalized terrorists in the country plotting to strike, “each and every single day.”

Kelly disclosed on Tuesday that there have been at least 37, “ISIS-linked plots to attack our country,” since 2013, a number that shows no signs of decreasing any time soon with renewed calls for jihad on the U.S.

“We don’t know their intentions,” Kelly said during an address at George Washington University. “We don’t know why they’re here or why they’re coming. We are completely blind to what they’re capable of.”

Terrorists continue to embed themselves inside American communities across the country, according to Kelly, who said that in just the past year there have been, “36 homegrown terrorist cases in 18 states.”

“We’ve seen an unprecedented spike in homegrown terrorism,” Kelly said. “These are the cases we know about—homegrown terrorism is notoriously difficult to predict and control.”

Terrorists in the United States are plotting attacks “every single day,” according to Kelly.

Kelly disclosed the problem against radical suicidal terrorists — there is no way to prevent someone from blowing themselves up.

“I tell you, without exaggeration, they try to carry out this mission each and every single day and no one can tell you how to stop it. No one,” he said.

The United States, he continued, is “under attack” from a variety of bad actors, including “failed states, cyber-terrorists, vicious smugglers, and sadistic radicals.”

“And we are under attack every single day,” he said. “The threats are relentless.”

America lacks the ability to properly vet individuals when they attempt to enter the country, according to Kelly, who warned that scores of radicalized individuals are trying each day to enter America.

“We don’t get to vet them,” Kelly said. “We don’t know their intentions. We don’t know they’re here. They slip into our country unnoticed, living among us, and we are completely blind as to what they are capable of.”

“These threats just scrape the surface of the danger posed to America by terrorists inside and outside of the country,” Kelly said.

“This is all bad news, but it gets much worse,” he explained. “Experts estimate that perhaps 10,000 citizens of Europe have joined the caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Thousands more are from nations in Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere. They have learned how to make IEDs, employ drones to drop ordnance, and acquired experience on the battlefield that by all reports they are bringing back home.”

These highly trained fighters are likely to return to their countries of origin and “wreak murderous havoc” across Europe, Asia, and the United States, among other nations.

“Many are citizens of countries in our Visa Waiver Program, they can more easily travel to the United States which makes us a prime target for their exported violence,” he said.

The threat to America “has metastasized and decentralized, and the risk is as threatening today as it was that September morning almost 16 years ago,” Kelly warned.

“We are under attack from terrorists both within and outside of our borders,” he said. “They are without conscience, and they operate without rules. They despise the United States, because we are a nation of rights, laws, and freedoms. They have a single mission, and that is our destruction.”

The threat of terrorism that used to be intelligence agencies setting up individuals to carry out entrapment missions, then raiding them or occasionally allowing some plots by mistake or on purpose — i.e. the first world trade bombing in 1993, we have reached a new plateau as real threats are manifesting — it’s no longer imaginary terror plots.

As We Are Change reported last year there are dozens of terrorist cells operating inside the U.S.

The saying that, “you are more likely to slip in a bathtub and die than be killed by a terrorist,” has become irrelevant as more and more lone-wolves are planning attacks. The war on terror which was once a farce is now a very real war and as Kelly admitted U.S. authorities have no idea how to combat it at all because we destabilized the middle east thanks to the CIA.

[RELATED: Dozens of ISIS Terror Cells Are Operating in the U.S.]


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Why Is Norway Building Their Second Doomsday Vault?

Posted: 18 Apr 2017 11:33 PM PDT

We Are Change

In the below video, I sit down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about Norway’s second doomsday vault which is currently under construction.
The new doomsday vault is being built next to their first vault built in 2002 in Svalbard in the Arctic. The vault was commissioned by the United Nations to store seeds from all over the world in case of nuclear war or armageddon scenario.
Now, the United Nations is commissioning a second vault to store the world’s data. The question is, exactly what do they know that we don’t?

Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s all theorizing at this point. Pragmatically, it’s a good idea to build a doomsday vault to store seeds and world history, it’s just worth questioning when the United Nations is involved. Most of the United Nations’ actions are nefarious in nature and one also has to question whether the information in the data vault will be selective. Could there be revisionist history?
It’s all questions at this point. There are no concrete answers, so we leave it up to the viewer. But these questions are worth asking. Everything tends to happen for a reason when globalists are involved. At this point we can be called “crazy” for even going at a story like this without answers, but as time unfolds, we will see just how crazy we truly are for questioning this, especially as global war drums heat up between the United States and Russia and the U.S. surrounds North Korea.
We will continue to report on this story as it further unfolds. Let’s hope we’re wrong in our theory.

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Turkey To Confiscate Gold, Push Centralized Gold Standard!

Posted: 18 Apr 2017 11:26 PM PDT

We Are Change

How would you feel if the government came to your door and insisted at gun point that you had to hand over your gold in return for paper? How would you feel if this promissory note they gave you didn’t actually promise you your gold back – and the government simply made risky investments with your gold leading them to lose the gold gambling with other countries and bankers while still printing out an insane amount of IOUs without the gold to back it up?

This may remind you of precisely what President FDR did in the early 1930s in order to fund the Exchange Stabilization Fund (a massive currency and commodity manipulator) and eventually the IMF.

Well, as it turns out, the Turkish government is repeating history!

In the above video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about Turkish government’s recent push to confiscate its citizens gold and return it with paper IOUs. The plan is to create a centrally planned gold standard, but the problem is, central planning, even with sound money like gold creates inflation and debt. Not to mention the serious infringements on civil liberties the government is committing by confiscating individuals’ gold, basically, their private life insurance in the inevitable case of a global financial crisis.

On the surface the story doesn’t seem too bad, but it’s another sign of the clock ticking on the global financial system. Most likely, the Turkish government will simply make risky investments and trades with the gold and not be able to back up the IOUs they will print at a much higher pace with the promised gold. If a run on the bank happened, it would simply end with a burnt down bank with empty vaults. Just the way the vault was entered, it will be left.
While Erdogan does correctly call out the European Union, he’s a tyrant who works with the west to arm and fund “rebel groups”.
As the global order pushes for a centrally planned cashless society especially through the implementation of special drawing rights (SDRs), it’s important for us to call out central planning in general, and how important it is to have competing currencies rather than one selected, volatile, managed currency.

Currency manipulation allows the banks to push individuals collectively into vast sums of debt. Eventually, these people are in a bottomless pit of debt and the only way out of that pit is to beg the bankers and government to hand them a ladder and let them up. This means debt slaves become subservient out of necessity which is precisely the dream of a control freak. Especially a ravenous, obsessive pack of them.

This is why individuals must insure themselves and be responsible with their life and their knowledge of basic economics. This is why people should break free from state and bank control and sustain themselves with self responsibility, survival and sound money. People may laugh now, but they won’t be laughing when the inevitable global crisis arrives. Of course due to the level of manipulation in the markets and monetary system, one cannot put a date on the crash as fundamentals are off the table. However, the crash is indeed inevitable as all fiat currency eventually reverts to its intrinsic value of zero. Always has, always will. Considering we have nearly hit the thousandth year of this volatile, collectivist control mechanism going back to 1024AD in China, it’s about time we learn from out mistakes and the puppet strings of the global establishment.

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Internet Calls For White Supremacist Nathan Damigo’s Arrest After Punching ‘Moldylocks’ At ‘Battle Of Berkeley’

Posted: 18 Apr 2017 05:16 PM PDT

We Are Change

Video of a self-proclaimed white supremacist punching a woman in the face at the Battle of Berkeley protest on Saturday has many calling for his arrest.

In a video, posted this weekend taken by WRC’s own Luke Rudkowski, pro-Donald Trump supporters (Yes some racist bad people as Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers.com told Luke) and Antifa can be seen clashing at the Berkeley rally. At least 20 people were arrested early on during the protest. While cops ignored several incidents of violence later on seen standing around and sitting in their squad cars as both groups attacked one another.

[RELATED: Luke Rudkowski At Chaotic UC Berkeley Free Speech Rally]

The man wearing the blue shirt in the video is Nathan Damigo, a former convict who gained his “new perspective” in prison, allegedly inspired after reading former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke’s book.

Damigo, who calls himself “Fashy Haircut” on Twitter, is also a former Marine who was discharged from the military on an unhonorable discharge.

Damigo served five years in prison for assault and armed robbery after pulling a gun on a Middle Eastern cab driver, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported.

The woman Damigo punched is Louise Rosealma, an amateur porn star that many have dubbed ‘Moldylocks.’

While WRC absolutely doesn’t support White Nationalist or any form of racism or condone hitting a woman, it’s important to give you the full facts for transparency. On another note, it’s important to understand WRC’s policy we don’t condone or endorse any form of violence. The tweets below are provided for information sake only.

Rosealma allegedly posted on her Facebook account prior to the event that she wanted to” bring back 100 neo-nazi scalps,” so she is far from innocent she went there to fight.

The Woman That Got Rocked Was Determined to Bring Back
“100 Nazi Scalps”#Berkeley #BerkeleyProtest #berkrally #AltRight #AnimeRight pic.twitter.com/5qgzr974d6

— Battle Beagle (@HarmlessYardDog) April 16, 2017

@MarkitoKrod @realMaxRenn @WChrisdaily @GenFrancoIsBack @HarmlessYardDog She was moving towards the fight. Then, attempted a throat punch = the use of deadly force.

She earned that black eye.@ChrisEvans pic.twitter.com/ELjiObthJG

— epistionto (@epistionto) April 16, 2017

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Rosealma and has raised over $5,000. The page states that she has been targeted by alt-right supporters who have threatened to kill and rape her.  WRC was unable to verify these claims of harassment and threats.

One woman who goes by “GirlsReallyRule” on Twitter contacted Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood to identify Damigo.

Chief Greenwood, Nathan Damigo is the man in this video, please arrest him. @berkeleypolice and @BerkeleyPDChief https://t.co/F3Ycj2IJNH

— Girls Really Rule. (@girlsreallyrule) April 16, 2017

Others followed suit in the wake of the incident calling for Damigo’s incarceration or for further violence against the man.

@girlsreallyrule @rdfchris @berkeleypolice @BerkeleyPDChief Yes arrest that guy! Or beat his ass!

— One Two New Shoe (@12newshoe) April 16, 2017

Berkeley’s police chief responded back thanking the girl for the information stating that he passed it along to the rest of the department for its investigation.

@girlsreallyrule @berkeleypolice Thank you for the information; I’ve passed it to our folks for their follow-on investigations stemming from today’s actions.

— BPD Chief Greenwood (@BerkeleyPDChief) April 16, 2017

You can watch the full video of the incident below.

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Fresno Shooting: Three Killed After Gunman Who Screamed “Allahu Akbar” Goes On Rampage

Posted: 18 Apr 2017 02:13 PM PDT

We Are Change

Three people were shot and killed in a shooting spree in downtown Fresno, California on Tuesday before he was apprehended by authorities. The suspect is also believed to be responsible for a Motel 6 killing last week, the Fresno Police Department said.

A crime scene is outside Fresno Police Dept headquarters on M street between Fresno and Mariposa streets pic.twitter.com/0jsVDBv118

— pablo lopez (@beecourts) April 18, 2017

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as police tackled him to the ground after killing people at random which were spread out over four different locations, Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Police have not stated whether this was believed to be an act of terrorism or not.

“What we know is that this was a random act of violence,” Dyer said. “There is every reason to believe he acted alone.”

The police chief added that he is racist against white people.

“He does not like white people, and he has anti-government sentiments,” the chief said.

A witness said the suspect carried a large handgun and shot a man repeatedly in a front yard on Fulton Street north of Nevada Avenue, then reloaded at a bus stop south of Nevada. The witness stated that the suspect got into an SUV with an unknown female driver and sped away Fresnobee reported.

The first gunshots were heard around 10:45 a.m. Muhammad shot into a PG&E vehicle killing the passenger. The driver sped away and drove to Fresno Police headquarters where he told the police what was happening.

Muhammad continued walking down the street and opened fire at another bystander but missed. Shortly after, he encountered a third person and shot and killed them.

He then continued to the area of Catholic Charities where he shot and killed an additional person in the parking lot.

PG&E sent out a statement YourCentralValley reported:

Our hearts are very heavy today, as we have lost a member of our PG&E family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of our employee, and all those impacted by this tragic event.

Public and employee safety is always our top priority. While we focus on safety every day, no training or protective equipment can prepare one for events outside of one’s control.

We are cooperating with law enforcement authorities as they investigate the incident.

This loss is particularly difficult for our employees who live and work in the Fresno area. We are sending additional resources to support our employees in the Central Valley

Mohammad’s alleged youtube channel has been found with some interesting disturbing videos.

In one of his videos, he raps about killing white devils wearing a cross over his head.

In another entitled “BlacK illuminati Phase II” he is seen in a hood talking to the camera saying “murder mayhem that’s what you get when your f**king with me.”

(This is a developing story check back for updates)

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WATCH: Trump Signs Buy American And Hire American Executive Order

Posted: 18 Apr 2017 01:39 PM PDT

We Are Change

President Donald Trump signed the “Buy American and Hire American”order during his visit to Snap-On Inc, a tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The order will call for “the strict enforcement of all laws governing entry into the United States of labor from abroad for the stated purpose of creating higher wages and higher employment rates for workers in the United States,” a senior official said, Reuters reported.

H-1B visas are intended for foreign nationals in occupations that generally require higher education, including science, engineering or computer programming.

“Right now, widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing American workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other countries,” Trump said.

“Right now H-1B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery, and that’s wrong. Instead, they should be given to the most skilled and highest paid applicants, and they should never, ever be used to replace Americans.”

As Trump closes in on his 100th day in office, this new order is seen by many of his supporters as a way to attempt to make good on his “America First” campaign pledge.

You can watch Trump’s full address below.

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Facebook Suspends Popular News Analyst Mark Dice For Criticizing Transgender Soap Commercial

Posted: 18 Apr 2017 01:22 PM PDT

We Are Change

Popular author and conservative YouTube media analyst Dice was locked out of his account for 24 hours after posting a comment mocking a Dove soap commercial which featured a transgender male-to-female mother.

Dice’s post, seen below, was deleted by Facebook.

“The Dove soap company has a new commercial out titled ‘No One Right Way’ which features a transgender ‘woman’ as a new ‘mom’ holding ‘her’ little baby. Excuse me now while I go grab some Irish Spring to clean up my puke,” wrote Dice.

After conservative media outlets began covering the Facebook suspension, Facebook sent Dice a message claiming the post was “accidently” removed.

Facebook came under fire last year after their “Trending Stories” section showed a noticeable bias against conservatives, leading to the firing of Facebook’s trending stories editors. Facebook has been caught censoring conservative pages on many occasions, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was even caught discussing censoring anti-migrant posts with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The censorship of conservative and independent media has been a trend for several years now across social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit.

World renowned comedian Dave Chappelle also came under fire recently for making jokes about transgender people in a recent stand-up comedy special. Transgender people seem to be the new sacred cow of the hour, with corporate media using them as a wedge to divide and conquer the masses, and an excuse to continue the censorship of conservatives, independents, and freethinkers.

Dice’s video discussing his Facebook suspension is below.

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