Trump Administration Admits Iran is Complying With Nuclear Deal (and It Is!)

Trump administration says Iran complying with nuclear deal

by MG editor

White House extends sanctions relief to Islamic Republic but State Department says president ordered review of 2015 agreement

ed note–keep in mind that this is the same Trump administration that–a few months ago–various ‘experts’ in this ‘muuvemnt’ were claiming was about to start WWIII by launching a military strike against Iran at ANY FREAKING MOMENT. This is also the same administration that a few weeks ago these same ‘experts’ were claiming had just started WWIII by launching a for-the-most-part-for-show missile attack on an empty air base in Syria.

The point is, people should just WAIT and not allow their worst fears to get the best of their analytical ability until a better handle is acquired as to what is really going on. An egg can be a lot of things, and while indeed it could contain an alligator, sometimes it’s only a turkey.

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