This Was the Freemason Plan All Along…Freemasons Are Satanists: Trump, Kim Jong Un & Putin

My Comment:  Politicians are selected for us by a careful criteria:  their loyalty to a secret club, their corruptibility and their lack of loyalty to their constituents.  They are not selected for loyalty to their people;  rather they are groomed and financed by the Zionists to occupy top positions.  WW3 was long planned by the Freemasons-a Zionist controlled organization that at the top is Satanic…these world leaders are all Freemasons/Satanists.  The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha bloodline currently occupying the British throne is Zionist & Freemason & Satanist being linked to 10 missing children at Kamloops Reservation in Canada in the ’60’s. Elizabeth is the descendant of Pirates and they are still pirates using the United States Military as their thug so they can steal resources of demolished nations.  The USA, USA, USA chanters support this Satanic system.




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