The Chosenites From Hell

Israeli Member of Knesset– ”Don’t mourn when our enemies are killed”by MG editor

Former MK says Israel should not be so vocal in condemning chemical weapons attack in Syria

ed note–as we point out here regularly, Jews view all Gentiledom–but especially the ‘Ishmaelites’ as eternal enemies, which they refer to as ‘Amalek.’ Note here the comments of a former minister of the Knesset where he says Jews should not be mourning those Syrian civilians killed, as they are ‘Israel’s implacable enemy’ and that no distinction exists between Syrian civilians, the Assad government or even the rebel groups Israel is supporting.

Also note the distinction he makes between ‘Jewish morality’ and ‘Western morality’ and how quickly the other side was in trying to hide the ugly truth of what this former MK was making clear, which is that Judaism is indeed a bloodthirsty religion and that as far as Gentiles are concerned, it does not distinguish between men, women, and children when it comes to any slaughter that benefits Judea, Inc.

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