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If you believe in transgenderism, you don’t believe in real SCIENCE at all
The weekend “science march” was a hilarious display of some of the most insanely anti-science junk that ever took to the streets in Washington.

For starters, the organizers of the march were bullied into abandoning the use of the term “female” because transgenders insisted gender expression in humans is not binary. (Genetists everywhere stood silent in disbelief…)

What’s next, will California remove all genetics lessons from school textbooks and pretend that genes can be transformed with wishes and magic wands? Transgenderism is the “Flat Earth” theory of politically-correct junk science.

While I agree that people have the right to pretend to be whatever they want to be, there is no question that “transgenderism” (i.e. spontaneous genetic transmutation) doesn’t exist and is rooted in anti-science magical thinking.

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