Egyptian President Sisi Balancing Between USA & Russia


The embattled Egyptian president is trying to balance connections with Moscow and Washington amid rising terrorism and economic woes.

Ed note–just yesterday I received an email from a very close associate with whom I have worked very closely over the years who was taking me to task over my recent theory that Israel may have had a hand in the recent bombing of the Coptic church in Egypt in order to destabilize the Sisi government and thus prevent any changes in policy vis a vis the Palestinians and whatever it is Trump wants to do in reining in Likud, Netanyahu, and the settlers. In many ways, his position mirrored all the same arguments that were used during the ‘Arab Spring’ by those who disagreed with skeptics (such as yours truly) who said that the event was being orchestrated by Israel and her ‘peeps’ in the CIA, arguing that since because Mubarack was such a favored stooge for the Jewish state, they would not do anything to see him removed.

Obviously, these naysayers were wrong.

Now, this is not being said as an exercise in ‘I told ya so’ but rather to underscore the dangers of allowing our thinking to become ossified to the point that rigidity and dogmatic thinking can render people incapacitated when situations arise where flexible thought processes are needed in divining what is taking place. When we get into a one-size-fits-all mode when thinking/analyzing events, and particular those events dealing with the turbulent politics of the Middle East, we run the danger of painting ourselves into a corner from which we cannot move.

Yes, there is a tug of war taking place between the US and Russia for influence/dominance in the Middle East, and if Trump is truly serious about instituting some type of real solution to the Palestinian situation, that means creating a coalition with those countries in the region that have been under America and Israel’s thumb now since the Russians were driven out, and if indeed Trump DOES have plans vis a vis a Palestinian state that runs counter to what Netanyahu and the religious nutcases who make up his coterie envision of a Jews only state from the Nile to the Euphrates, then what that means is that Judea, Inc WOULD be willing to cause all sorts of problems–including blowing up Christian churches–in order to achieve this. Read more of this post

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