At the Very Least Sign This Petition to Audit the Zionist Banksters Destroying the Federal Reserve Dollar!

Reinventing A New Direction
Dear Reader, 
Things are moving quickly now. Just last week, the US House passed our Audit the Fed bill out of Committee! It could be voted on the floor ANY time after the Congressional recess.
That means we have to act quickly, to shore up support in Congress and the White House.
If you oppose the out of control Fed. If you oppose Big Government. If you’re for transparency. If you want a better economy, a stronger dollar and an end to out of control Washington power, then join with me today too. 
Support Audit the Fed
For the first time ever, we have a President who has pledged to sign Audit the Fed.  But that won’t matter if we can’t get it to his desk.
Right now, weak-kneed establishment Republicans are waffling. They need to hear from YOU today.
I’ve introduced Audit the Fed (S 16) in the Senate. The House bill is already moving.  What we need now is millions of Americans, lending their names and their voice to this battle.
Support Audit The Fed

Why #AuditTheFed Matters:

Current law prohibits Congress from fully auditing the Fed’s monetary policy actions – S.16 Audit the Fed bring much-needed transparency to the Fed.

The dollar has lost 90% of its value, killing the purchasing power of everday Americans

The Fed is run by unelected and unaccountable group of central planners with ultimate power over our economy.

The Federal Reserve has stripped the middle class of trillions of dollars of wealth through the hidden tax of inflation and continues to bury us in debt.

YOU can help put a stop to all that today, by lending your support to our AUDIT THE FED bill!   
Support Audit The Fed
In Liberty, 
Rand Paul
Support Audit The Fed
Contribute to Audit the Fed

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