Syrians Bombed Al-Qaeda Base So Trump Bombed Syrian Soldiers-Crime! Action!

“LaRouche PAC is coordinating a national mobilization against this fraud, telling Trump to fire those responsible, and demanding that the United Nations immediately investigate.

“Numerous intelligence community sources and active duty U.S. forces on the ground in Syria knew that this was not a Syrian government chemical attack (see below). The Syrians hit an Al-Qaeda base which was storing chemical weapons used by the terrorists. U.S. forces on the ground reported that it was not a Syrian chemical weapons attack up the chain of command. The United States had been notified of the Syrian mission before it took place and knew about the Syrian targeting.  Someone either deliberately lied to the President about this information or kept it from him.

“The on-the-ground intelligence purporting to document a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Air Force came from the White Helmets group, created by the British, financed by the British Defense Ministry, and totally penetrated by and supporting ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists. The other cited ‘proof’ comes from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory which consists of a single individual, residing in London, who is notorious for widely disseminating inaccurate information.”

The statement concluded, “LaRouche PAC has urged calls to the White House at 202-456-1111 (the comment line), or direct calls at 202-456-1414. Messages can be sent to the White House directly at this link, or by twitter message to the President.”

My Comment:  Either Trump is a fraud and was on board with the Zionists controlling his administration all along or he was tricked with lies & deceit from this Synagogue of Satan Zionist war group.  Either way, this was a very, very bad move and has once again earned us #1 on everyone’s most hated country-justifiably so!  Definitely, this HELPS Al Qaeda!

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