While Bemoaning Anti-Semitism Rothschild Zionists Express Hatred For Gentiles

The Expression of Hatred for Gentiles

by Sabba

“We often hear of “anti-Semitism” as being this terrible problem that supposedly is on the rise and that imperils Jews the world over–and in certain countries (France comes to mind especially) you can even get thrown in jail for making statements perceived as being too “anti-Semitic.” But never do we hear about “anti-Gentilism”.

Sabba – The reason they use “anti-Semitism” rather than anti-Jew, is because the word ‘jew’ speaks to our consciousness, it is speaks to our subconscious, it speaks to our souls and we instinctively know how to act and react to it. We know what it means, what it entails. We know what it meant for our ancestors, we what it meant for mankind since da joos came on the historical scene. Mankind has developed an auto-immune response to the word ‘joo’. Zionism on the other hand is a sterile word which does not speak to our minds, our consciousness. With the simple use of the proper words, they have managed to neutralize us. And so we offer no action, reaction or resistance even though we watch them raping/destroying our countries, cultures, civilizations right before our very eyes. Same goes for money lenders vs. bankers. Or infanticide vs. termination of pregnancy. Words have powers, with words they control our minds and behavior. Words have powers that’s what it’s called SPELL-ING. CONTINUE READING

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