Trump Reneging on Talks With Putin-Looks Like WW3 Coming!


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MONDAY / MARCH 6, 2017

New York Times: U.S. Strengthens Its Forces in a Crowded Syrian Battlefield


Wanna hear a funny joke? From the article:

“The American-led command that is fighting the Islamic State, a militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL, acknowledged the buildup around the town, but did not provide details.”

How can America be “fighting the Islamic State” when America, Saudi Arabia and Israel, through their hired proxies,  are “the Islamic State?!” Furthermore, this “Islamic State” aka “ISIS” aka “ISIL” aka “Daesh” aka “al Nusra” fka “Al Qaeda” is already on the ropes as a result of the pummeling unleashed upon them by Russian air power and the Syrian military, aided by Iranian technical support. All Orange Man has to do now is cut off all aid to the “moderate rebels” TM and let Syrian ground forces finish the job.

Instead, OM, in addition to asking for massive spending increases for “defense,” has tasked the Department of Offense to present him with a plan for “defeating ISIS” — a plan which necessarily entails a deeper and much more visible U.S. presence in Syria. Hmmmmm. Isn’t that exactly what the phony “beheaders” in black pajamas (cough cough Mossad, cough cough) have been trying to induce for the past several years?!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_970/strategy-mr-president-sept-3-2014.jpg

 The objective of the FAKE beheadings was to bait Obongo into direct military involvement in Syria, from which a clash with Iran could be triggered. The Globalist Obongo resisted, but now Orange Man appears to be following the Zionist path.


What little that we do know of the plan concocted by Offense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis and company sounds as if it was written in Tel Aviv. US News, quoting a top general, gives us a hint — and it is not good:

“A plan Donald Trump requested for the campaign against the Islamic State group will reportedly be significantly broader in scope than the kinds of war reviews the Obama administration periodically commissioned. America’s top military officer believes it will set a new tone for the U.S. government beyond the regions where the U.S. is currently fighting the extremist group.

“This is not about Syria and Iraq,” Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday. “This is about a transregional threat …. and will require more than simply a military response. Indeed the review, led by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, includes input from each of the military services, officials say, from the Departments of State and Treasury, as well as from the intelligence agencies.

Those familiar with the contents of the review and the options Mattis will present to Trump are reluctant to discuss it …. But two things are certain: There are no easy solutions, and Trump will not be presented with any choices that won’t have potentially dire consequences. (here)

“Potentially dire consequences,” eh? Like war with Iran? A face-off with Russia?
General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has had a 30-year erection for fighting the peaceful nation of Iran, and he is no friend of Russia either! The fact that OM has tasked this deranged lunatic with developing a plan for “fighting ISIS” and “stabilizing” the Middle East may have terrifying consequences.


The reflexive impulse to leap to OM‘s defense whenever the Communist scum of America and Europe attack him as they do is understandable, especially when he is savaged over this “ties to Russia” nonsense. After all, who among us wants to go to war with Russia over Ukraine or the puppet Baltic States? The tragic irony of the unfolding reality in Satanyahu’s Middle East is that the U.S. — under the phony pretext of fighting the beheaders-in-black — may end up in a war with powerful Iran instead — a deadly conflict in which Russia and China could ultimately be drawn into (against us) anyway.

Trump’s beloved “Mad Dog” needs to be sent to a shelter for rabid beasts, and soon.

No, Donald, they are not “chopping off heads.” Bibi’s beheading stunts are all fake and you bloody damn well know it!



Just days after the bad news about the sudden cancellation of historic “back-channel” talks between the U.S. and North Korea, comes more bad news about U.S. – Russia relations — From FOX:

“President Trump is reportedly telling advisers he might temporarily shelve a plan to pursue a deal with Russia on how to handle the Islamic State as well as other national security matters. Administration officials and Western diplomats told the Associated Press on Saturday that Trump and his aides have ascribed the new thinking to Moscow’s recent provocations, including deploying a cruise-missile which violates a Cold War-era arms control treaty. Trump has been pressured by members of his Cabinet, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and new national security adviser H.R. McMaster, and European allies to not give concessions to Russia.” 

So, not only are we invading Syria on the quiet, but the Putin-Trump “bromance” is already in divorce court. Not good, boys and girls, not good.

The Mad Generals Mattis & McMaster (CFR) are now running circles around Trump. 

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