Max Spiers Lost His Life to Get This Out. Pizzagate…etc. Michael A-Queen-O, Satanist

My Comment:  At about 25 minutes he mentions that “especially in the United States a lot of rehab centers are re-programming centers”  for MKUltra damaged individuals with PTSD.  At 25.25 he mention how Trauma Based Mind Control creates ADDICTION, these Satanists know it and exploit it!!!  Sexual abuse creates opiate addiction.  The illuminati Satanists own Big Pharma and are making a killing off of opioids and Rehab Centers with $25,000 to $50,000 per stay as well as 17,000 % markups on pills.  We are being systematically traumatized and then exploited for money for the resulting addictions from trauma and these illuminati Satanists created these systems we’re living under!  They create the problem and create “their solution” where they make a huge fortune! Trillions!!!

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