LarouchePac: Activist For America’s Return to It’s Roots

How to Clean Up the Mess? Go on the Offensive Against the FBI!

Lyndon LaRouche said today, when briefed on the latest news of the mess, “The FBI is no damn good. It’s obvious; it doesn’t need an argument.” Though the FBI is probably reduced in its capacity, “It’s still a bad factor.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation is an evil, treasonous organization which for more than 70 years has operated on behalf of Wall Street financiers and the British empire. The Trump Presidency was elected by American voters to crush that empire. To ensure that effort succeeds, that the American Republic and its Hamiltonian System of Economics flourishes, the FBI national gestapo must be crushed.READ MORE

In Defense of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton

Read Lyndon LaRouche’s 1987 article defending Alexander Hamilton and his creation of the ‘American System’ of economy, that system which President Trump has referenced in several speeches recently. Mr. LaRouche’s identification of the human mind’s role in the successful implementation of the American System in the past, is lacking in today’s discussion.READ MORE

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