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New York Times: U.S. ‘Probably Had a Role’ in Mosul Deaths, Commander Says

New York Times: Engulfed in Battle, Mosel Civilians Run For Their Lives



Donald Trumpstein‘s phony war to drive phony ISIS from Iraq has turned into yet another bloodbath for the long-suffering people of the once-stable (before the 1990’s) nation of Iraq. With every US missile rained down upon civilian neighborhoods, a new flood of Iraqi civilians (the lucky ones) hit the streets. Trumpstein’s Department of Offense, headed by the utterly contemptible General “Mad Dog” Mattis, now admits that a March 17th airstike “probably” caused the collapse of a residential building, which resulted in the deaths of what the Slimes describes as “scores” of civilians (40? 60? 80?). Mr. Trumpstein! We did not vote to mass murder people because an alleged “sniper” was spotted on a rooftop. Sugar and I want the $20 we sent your 2016 campaign refunded!

Mr. Trumpstein! Leave these poor people alone! 

The silence from the self-righteous “Save the Muslims” crowd that shed so many crocodile tears over Trumpstein’s bloodless “Muslim travel ban” is deafening. You see, crushing and dismembering Muslims to death is “OK” — but screwing up a few flight plans is grounds for mass protest and shrieks of “racism” TM.
Why the bizarre double-standard? Answer: Because the Zionist game plan is to kill and dislocate as many Arabs as possible in the coveted lands of what is to be “Greater Israel” — defined as that chunk of territory between the Nile (Egypt) and the Euphrates (Iraq) Rivers. Like their poor dispossessed Palestinian brethren of decades gone by, Syrians and Iraqis also have the misfortune of just happening to be located smack-dab in the middle of “the promised land.” Hence, the name of the CIA-Mossad gang of murderous mercenaries, “ISIS” — an acronym for the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” which is also a variation of Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
Why no fake tears nor protests for the dead Muslims that Trumpstein just killed in Mosul?
Meanwhile, over in Syria, Trumpstein’s killers, (deployed without Syria’s permission!) are now within shooting range of the Russians (who are there by invitation). Even if Trumpstein was ever really sincere about improving relations with Russia, it doesn’t really matter now anyway. The machine of State seems to be doing whatever it wants to do as a weakened President faces daily opposition from the Demoncrats, key Republican’ts and the full force of the Piranha Press.
Meanwhile, over in Russia, President Rouhani of Iran just concluded a very productive visit with the big bad Putin — who, evidently wasn’t moved by Bibi Satanyahu’s (a buddy of Trumpstein) own recent visit to Moscow in which he asked Putin not to allow Iran to gain any influence in Syria. The anti-Putin hatefest isn’t going to end anytime soon — that’s for damn sure. Trumpstein, by incompetence, indifference or design, has already brought us closer to World War III than Homo-Obongo ever did. All so we can, “Make Israel Greater Again.”
Presidents Putin and Rouhani talked energy, arms and fighting ISIS (a proxy of US & Israel).

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that scores of civilians were killed as a result of US airstrikes.

Boobus Americanus 2: That sucks. Unfortunately, collateral damage is part of every war.



Sugar: You wouldn’t be sso frickin’ flippant about thesse murderss if it wass your child buried alive beneath the rubble.

 Editor: Boobuses are only capable of feeling empathy when commanded to do so by the Fake News Media.


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