Go For the Gold! Trump’s Financial Policies Are Inflationary! Your Financial Health Needs Gold

Why Gold Is A Sure Thing In 2017Yahoo! Finance
“As Trump sets out to ‘make America great again’, gold is back on everyone’s radar, gaining on widespread uncertainty and promises of high-level inflationary infrastructure spending. For our favorite precious metal, this is a euphoric time. Gold is great again, and all-American gold – even better….With gold futures up 10 percent and spot prices up almost 7.5 percent in the first quarter, history is preparing to repeat itself with another gold rush….Gold thrives on chaos, and even the slight possibility of impeachment keeps gold prices up. But gold is now good in any scenario. If he remains in office, Trump will pursue highly inflationary policies, and while gold loves chaos first and foremost, inflation is its mistress.”

In 2017, the cost of living (aka ‘inflation’) is set to rocket far beyond the control of the Federal Reserve or President Trump’s control. Learn how to reduce your financial exposure now by reading THE INFLATION DECEPTION, a free book by Craig R. Smith which explores the root causes of inflation and offers seven simple steps to prepare.

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