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Trans-Atlantic Faces Financial Collapse, Civil War; Trump Must Go with Glass-Steagall, New Silk Road!

March 5 (EIRNS)—While the “color revolution” hysteria targetting President Donald Trump continues across Europe and the United States, the truth behind this “new McCarthyism” is also coming out.

Calls for Trump’s assassination have appeared in several European press and across the blogosphere. Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who refused to jail any bankers for their crimes of drug money laundering and bringing down the U.S. economy, has now publicly called for violent demonstrations, noting that in the past, people “bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.” Comparing the Obama/Soros-led coup attempt against the government of the United States to the Civil Rights movement is both a lie and an abomination. The only legitimate comparison is to the violent, neo-Nazi led coup in Ukraine in 2014, which EIR has documented was run by exactly the same operatives (see “Obama and Soros—Nazis in Ukraine 2014; U.S. in 2017?”).

It is not the imagined offense to “our Western values” which drives this attempted coup, but rather the desperate British Empire and its assets in the United States, which are terrified that the imperial division of the world, essential to maintaining their bankrupt Western financial system through wars and austerity, is being threatened by Trump’s efforts to bring the U.S. into cooperation with Russia and China. Such cooperation, uniting the world through a new paradigm based on peace and development, will have no place for the speculative financial institutions which thrive on gambling, drug money, and wars. Trump is preparing to meet with both Putin and Xi Jinping in the coming months. Cooperation on fighting terrorism, and bringing the U.S. into the New Silk Road process, would mean the end of Empire—perhaps for good.

Yet Trump has yet to fulfill his campaign promise to restore Glass-Steagall, to end the tyranny of the Wall Street “too big to fail” banks which have sucked the credit out of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system to feed their derivatives bubble. That bubble is now bigger by half than the one which blew up in 2008 following the insane securitization of sub-prime mortgages and other worthless speculative assets. If the President is to succeed in rebuilding the U.S. economy, and ending the worst drug crisis in the nation’s history, he must immediately restore the Hamiltonian financial principles which have driven every era of American progress.

FDR’s Glass-Steagall crackdown on Wall Street is the model—and the only model—which can prevent the far worse financial blow-out now threatening the European and American banking system. Only with that initial step can the restoration of sound banking principles—directing national credit into industry, agriculture, infrastructure and the restoration of scientific progress—truly make America great again. This is the nature of LaRouche’s Four Laws.

The potential for such a revolutionary transformation of the nation and the world has never been as great as it is today. The campaign to bring down the Trump Presidency is failing to convince the American public. After Trump accused Obama, and Obama “left-overs” in the intelligence community, of running the campaign of lies accusing him of illegal ties to Russia, the New York Times was forced to admit exactly that. In a March 2 article, the Times detailed the Obama administration’s placing of unvetted (and false) secret reports into official documents, lowering their classification level in order to maximize their circulation, and preparing for criminal investigations based on those lies.

Now Trump has accused Obama of tapping his Trump Tower offices during the campaign, adding that “This is Nixon/Watergate,” and “This is McCarthyism.” He has demanded a full investigation by the Congress. Obama’s head of National Intelligence James Clapper—best known for his lie to the Congress in 2013, denying that the intelligence community was monitoring millions of Americans (exposed as false by the Snowden revelations)—went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today to deny that any such wire-tapping of Trump Tower took place (although being a bit more careful this time, saying “to the best of my knowledge”). We shall see.

LaRouche PAC teams attended pro-Trump rallies around the country on Saturday, finding both high recognition of LaRouche’s years of exposure of Obama’s crimes, and openness to the effort to get both Democrats and Republicans to call on Trump to proceed with his Glass-Steagall pledge. But it was noted by the organizers that the population, like the Congress, is self-absorbed with partisan attacks, with little concern, or even ideas, about crucial policy issues. The LaRouche Four Laws intervention has never been more urgent. With the trans-Atlantic banking system ready to burst, and the frantic effort to provoke a civil war or a coup in the United States, there is no time for a lack of clarity.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche told her associates today: “This is the battle of our lives. People should not be stupid.”


Trump: ‘This Is McCarthyism,’ President Obama Bugged Trump Tower

March 4 (EIRNS)—With a London newspaper reporting that Barack Obama is personally “leading the fight to topple Trump,” President Trump has fought back with Twitter messages Saturday charging that Obama had Trump Towers tapped during the final two months of the 2016 campaign. “This is McCarthyism,” Trump said, referring to the campaign to detect and “expose” any and all meetings of government officials with Russians.

Breitbart News had received a leak March 3 (leaks do work in many directions) that the Obama White House made two applications to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court in late 2016, for intercepts of a Trump Tower server, and of Trump campaign communications. The applications reportedly motivated a search for contacts with Russian banks, which turned up nothing. The U.K. Guardian had previously reported that the FBI received such a FISA warrant in October.

Obama’s new press secretary Kevin Lewis “absolutely denied” Trump’s charge, but his statement’s wording only referred to Obama personally and White House staff not having applied to the FISA Court—almost a non-denial.

That this was Obama’s personal campaign in his last weeks in office, using all the resources of his presidency to attempt to record and scandalize all Trump contact with Russian officials, was reported at length by the New York Times March 1.

Trump press spokesman Sean Spicer said of the Times article, “The only new piece of information that has come to light is that political appointees in  the Obama administration have sought to create a false narrative to make an excuse for  their own defeat in the election.”

On March 2, Britain’s Daily Mail reported that the current goal of Obama’s own personal actions is “to oust Trump from the presidency, either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.” The Mail was citing an unidentified “Obama family friend,” but also quoting little-noticed public remarks on March 1 by Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder said that Obama is close to a public re-emergence in politics: “It’s coming. He’s coming, and he’s ready to roll,” he said. Obama has already issued public statements calling for continuing protests and demonstrations against his successor.

The Mail’s source said that Obama’s “senior counselor” Valerie Jarrett, after publicly stating the intention to return to Chicago after Trump’s inauguration, has stayed in Washington at Obama’s Kalorama mansion because she is urging him on to lead the fight and strategy to topple Trump.”

Trump also tweeted the news that Russian Ambassador Kislyak had 22 meetings in the Obama White House, 4 in 2016.

New York Times Promotes Obama’s Leading Role in Color Revolution against Government

March 3 (EIRNS)—As Barack Obama’s personal role in treason against the United States government circulates internationally—especially in the EIR dossier exposing Obama and George Soros’s leadership in the coup in Ukraine in 2014 and today in the U.S.—the March 1 New York Times lets it all out, proudly presenting details of Obama’s careful preparations during the last months of his presidency for the overthrow of the U.S. government—“Après moi, le déluge.”

Under the title “Obama Administration Rushed To Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking,” a large team of the Times’ neo-Nazi journalists praise their tool Obama for collecting and disseminating material and making a “record” of fake reports about Russian interference in the election, supposedly (the Times writes) because they “feared that intelligence about Russian interference in the 2016 election could be covered up or destroyed.”

They write: “In the Obama administration’s last days, some White House officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the Presidential election and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians across the government … to leave a clear trail of intelligence for government investigators.”

Any doubt that Obama is committing treason, openly intending to use Goebbels-style lies to destroy the government of his country—was eliminated by this Times admission of Obama’s, and their own, subversive intentions and actions.

“As Inauguration Day approached,” the story reads, “Obama White House officials grew convinced that the intelligence was damning and that they needed to ensure that as many people as possible inside government could see it, even if people without security clearances could not. Some officials began asking specific questions at intelligence briefings, knowing the answers would be archived and could be easily unearthed by investigators including the Senate Intelligence Committee, which in early January announced an inquiry into Russian efforts to influence the election. At intelligence agencies, there was a push to process as much raw intelligence as possible into analyses, and to keep the reports at a relatively low-classification level to ensure as wide a readership as possible across the government and, in some cases, among European allies. This allowed the upload of as much intelligence as possible to Intellipedia, a secret wiki used by American analysts to share information.

“There was also an effort to pass reports and other sensitive materials to Congress. In one instance, the State Department sent a cache of documents marked secret to Sen. Benjamin Cardin of Maryland days before the Jan. 20 inauguration. The documents, detailing Russian efforts to intervene in elections worldwide, were sent in response to a request from Mr. Cardin, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, and were shared with Republicans on the panel.”

As usual, the Times acknowledges that the sources for their story demanded “anonymity because they were discussing classified information, nearly all of which remains secret.” Except to the coup-plotters, of course.

Foreign Minister Lavrov Denounces ‘New McCarthyism’ Attacks on Ambassador Kislyak

March 3 (EIRNS)—In remarks to the media today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denounced as a “new McCarthyism,” allegations by anonymous U.S. officials that Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, is a “spy and recruiter of spies.”

“I can cite the media that say all this is very much reminiscent of a witch hunt and the McCarthyism era which we all thought was long gone in the U.S., a civilized country,”  TASS quoted Lavrov as saying. “As for accusations against Kislyak and those he met with, our ambassador is accused of meeting with the U.S. politicians who opposed the Obama administration. This is the essence of the accusations, to be honest. We don’t want to, and we won’t ape” the American approach to Kislyak, Lavrov said, noting that were Moscow “to apply the same principle, and scrutinize U.S. Ambassador to Russia (John) Tefft and his contacts, we would see quite an amusing picture.”

Lavrov pointed out that ambassadors are appointed to maintain relations with the host country. “Relations are maintained in the form of meetings, talks, contacts with both executive officials … and with politicians, public figures, non-governmental organizations. This practice has never been disputed,” he said according to RT.

During her weekly media briefing yesterday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded sharply, and at some length, to a question about the “spy” allegations against Ambassador Kislyak, taking time, at the end, to tell a British CNN reporter, “Come on, stop spreading lies and fake news. This is good advice for CNN.”

“The current goings-on in the Western, including U.S. media can be described as media vandalism,” she said. “I wonder if the Western media have reached the rock bottom or they still have further to fall.”

Zakharova charged that U.S. and other media are engaged in “an attempt at total disinformation of their own and the global public, but the main target is the American public.” The current campaign is what George Orwell described in his 1984 book, she warned. “The Big Brother in the United States today is the U.S. media, which have moved far beyond the limits of professional ethics and competence and feel free to denounce and condemn, or simply to fabricate news. This is exactly what is happening now.”

“The current trend is to write about the demise of Russian diplomats in a disgraceful and inhumane manner. All of us wanted to believe that Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin and Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov would live forever. But they are mere humans, and two of them died and one was killed. Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was treacherously killed in a terrorist attack, yet many U.S. media outlets, though not all of them, did not describe his murder as a terrorist attack and, what is even worse, justified his murderer.”

Trump Asks Intelligence Committees To Investigate Obama Potential Abuse of Power

March 5 (EIRNS)—On March 5, President Donald Trump called upon the U.S. Congress’s Intelligence Committees to investigate whether the Obama administration carried out improper and politically motivated investigations of then-candidate Trump that exceeded and abused powers. This refers to Trump’s accusation on Saturday that the Obama Administration tapped into Trump Tower, Trump’s campaign headquarters, during the campaign.

The White House Office of Press Secretary released the following statement:

“Reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling.

“President Donald J. Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused.

“Neither the White House nor the President will comment further until such oversight is conducted.”

Death Threats against President Trump

March 5 (EIRNS)— Die Zeit editor Josef Joffe’s statement that “murder in the White House” could be a way to “end the Trump catastrophe” on a German television show Jan. 25, coupled with the diatribe on France Info radio by prime time host “Karl Zéro” (né Marc Tellenne) about ways the CIA should assassinate Trump on Feb. 21, and similar mootings by an editor of the London Review of Books, indicate that the British Monarchy is going into high gear, potentially preparing the grounds for another British assassination of a U.S. President.

One of the British methods used is to create an increasing density of “background chatter” on the issue. The Feb. 4 (Daily Mail} of Britain reported that according to Dataminr statistics, there were 12,000 Tweets calling for President Trump’s assassination just in the two weeks between Jan. 20 and Feb. 4; there is no reason to suspect this has diminished.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche told associates March 5, that given the openness of what is being said, the British contemplation of an American Maidan or “civil war” should not be ruled out.

State Department Confirms British Empire Drug Cartel’s Takeover of Colombia Government

March 5 (EIRNS)—The U.S. State Department’s release of its report, “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, Volume I, Drug and Chemical Control” this week, confirms the British Empire’s Dope Inc.’s takeover of the government of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos—and its threat to the world. It precisely shows, without naming names, that even prior to the peace deal between the narco-terrorist FARC and the Santos government signed on Sept. 26, 2016—which the Colombian population subsequently rejected in a plebiscite—there was a many-year process of dismantling aerial and manual coca crop eradication, with the acknowledgment that the increased coca production would be under FARC control.

According to the report, from analysis of captured drugs, 90% of cocaine entering the United States comes from Colombia. The U.S. is now undergoing an explosion in cocaine consumption.

EIR’s Dennis Small exposed the peace deal in an Sept. 27, 2016 press release: “Colombian Government Signs ‘Peace Deal’ with the FARC to Push Forward Drug Legalization.”

The State Department’s Narcotics Control Report was supervised by William Brownfield, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, who was one of the few individuals in the Obama Administration committed to wiping out drugs, and who continues to serve under Trump.

The section of the report advancing the key factors that have contributed to the surge in Colombian coca production states, “First, widespread reporting indicates that FARC elements urged coca growers to plant more coca, purportedly motivated by the belief that the Colombian governments post-peace accord investment and subsidies will focus on regions with the greatest quantities of coca. Second, the Colombian government reduced eradication operations in areas controlled by the FARC,” purportedly to “lower the risk of armed conflict” with the FARC. Third, with a shift from coca crop eradication by air, which has been stopped, to manual eradication, the FARC has organized coca producers to block eradicators from reaching coca fields, including placing “improvised explosive devices (IEDs) around eradication operations to kill, injure and demoralize eradicators.”  Under Santos, a protégé of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and under his predecessors, the Colombian government’s manual eradication budget has been cut by two-thirds since 2008. As a result, between 2013 and 2015, Colombia’s illegal coca crop doubled to nearly 400,000 acres.

The effect is felt in every neighborhood in America. According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the number of cocaine overdose deaths in the U.S. was the second highest since 1999. Between 2013 and 2015, first-time cocaine users in the U.S. increased by 61%, even as use of heroin and other opioids increased.

The Barack Obama administration, along with his British Empire controllers, facilitated the Santos-FARC peace deal. Santos, like Obama, is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

U.S. Coup-Plotters Hysterical Over Europeans’ Exposing Soros

March 3 (EIRNS)—On March 1, the same day that the New York Times praised Obama as the author of the ongoing treason against the Trump government, the Times also published an hysterical report on the fight-back across Europe against the Soros-run color revolutions—and they blame it all on Trump. Titled: “After Trump Win, Anti-Soros Forces Are Emboldened in Eastern Europe,” the long diatribe reviews the public attacks on Soros and related NGOs in Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, and of course Russia, calling it a “right-wing” attack on democracy and human rights.

“Emboldened by encouraging signals from the Trump administration,” they write, “populist leaders across Central and Eastern Europe are mounting simultaneous crackdowns on nongovernmental organizations, once protected by Washington, that promote open government, aid refugees and often serve as checks on authoritarian governments.”

The problem, they say, is Trump: “Traditionally, United States administrations of both parties have promoted the spread of democracy and stubbornly defended these advocacy groups. But Mr. Trump has said he will not press America’s political system on other countries and has embraced some of Europe’s far-right leaders.” As to Soros, they praise his “philanthropy,” for pumping in “$12 billion to date,” promoting “democracy, government accountability and freedom of expression.”

The Times lets one truthful statement sneak in: that Soros is “driven by his memories of life under the Nazis.” They fail to note that he worked for the Nazis, a period he described in the introduction he wrote to his father’s book “It is a sacrilegious thing to say, but these ten months [of the Nazi occupation] were the happiest times of my life…. We led an adventurous life and we had fun together.” He is acting no different today.


NATO Military Committee Chair Initiated Call to Russian Chief of Staff

March 3 (EIRNS)—Today Gen. Petr Pavel (Czech Republic), the Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee initiated a telephone discussion with Russian General Staff chief Valery Gerasimov. “These are the first high-level contacts in the military field since the adoption of the NATO Council decision to freeze relations with Russia,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Gerasimov brought up Russia’s concerns with NATO’s “significantly increased military activity near Russian borders, as well as the deployment of the joint NATO forces’ forward-based system.”  General Gerasimov informed General Pavel about key international events and exercises organized by the Russian Defense Ministry in 2017.

The two also confirmed “the necessity of mutual steps aimed to decrease tensions and to build up stabilization in Europe,” and “agreed to continue cooperation.”

British NATO General Says Russia’s Alleged Interfering in U.S. Election May Be Act of War

March 4 (EIRNS)—General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATO’s very British second ranking military officer, who implied the need for regime change in Moscow in an interview with the Financial Times, followed this up with an interview with The Times of London, in which he claims that Moscow may have committed an act of war in its alleged interference in U.S. domestic affairs.

Asked by The Times whether disinformation and meddling, such as Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. elections, was an Article 5 area, which allows a military action by NATO, General Bradshaw replied: “Well Article 5 is when it’s declared to be Article 5. … It is a political decision, but no, it is not out of the question that aggression, blatant aggression, in a domain other than conventional warfare might be deemed to be Article 5.”

Bradshaw continued that NATO could not tackle “ambiguous” warfare alone. Instead, it must work more closely with the EU and governments, coordinating its military force with civilian-led efforts in the diplomatic, political, economic and information domains, he said. Failure to respond would increase the risk of military conflict, he said. “This is not just about military deterrence. What we require is hybrid deterrence,” Bradshaw said. “We require the ability to defend our vital assets from aggression in any area.”

U.S. Could Slash Military Aid to Ukraine by More than Half

March 4 (EIRNS)—The House Committee on Appropriations  has drafted a bill to cut U.S. military aid to Ukraine from the $350 million originally authorized for 2017 to $150 million. Kiev received $300 million from Washington in 2016. According to Sputnik this follows the fact that one of the last acts of Obama was to promise more military aid to Ukraine.  “We will increase our military support for Ukraine,” Obama said during the July 2015 NATO summit in Poland.

The bill stipulates that the Pentagon can spend funds “for training, equipment, weapons of a defensive nature, logistics, and intelligence.”

Sputnik comments that the bill’s passage is likely because President Donald Trump is backing off from the previous “shared values” support for NATO’s eastward expansion. “Guided by this ‘shared values’ principle, the Americans were moving east trying to get more and more countries to embrace their ideology. The new administration does not share this strategy, especially when it comes to Ukraine, a country which is unable to control itself,” Russian expert on American politics Boris Mezhuyev said.


Hoover, Move Over: Obama the Lowest-Growth U.S. President

March 4 (EIRNS)—The U.S. Commerce Department on Feb. 28 confirmed its initial estimate of Gross Domestic Product growth in the fourth quarter of 2016, at a 1.9% annual growth rate. That meant that GDP growth in Obama’s final year as President was 1.4%, and his average of 1.3% growth over eight years was the lowest of any President in history.

The factors favoring productivity in the Commerce Department report—business capital investment and public construction—were revised even lower for the quarter and the year, than its first estimate, while personal consumption was revised upward.

Thus the overall picture for Obama’s last year was: GDP growth 1.4%; average hourly and weekly real wages down −0.6%; productivity growth 0.2%; manufacturing jobs loss −63,000; goods-producing jobs loss −59,000.


Russia and Egypt To Sign Agreement for Russian Industrial Zone Near Suez Canal

March 3 (EIRNS)—Russia and Egypt will soon sign a final agreement for the establishment of a Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt’s Suez Canal Economic Zone, following a March 1-2 visit to Cairo on March 1-2 by a delegation from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The zone had been proposed by President Vladimir Putin during his Egypt visit in 2015.

Led by Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Gleb Nikitin, and including many Russian leading corporate heads, they discussed the terms of establishing the zone in the area of the East Port Said city. The delegation met with Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry and co-chair of the joint Russian-Egyptian Commission on Trade, Economic and Scientific Cooperation Tareq Qabil, and Chairman of the General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone Ahmed Darwish among others.  The delegation also visited the Egyptian-Chinese industrial zone in Ain Sokhna.

The Russian industrial zone will focus on production of trucks, agricultural tractors, chemicals, machine-building, pharmacy, and modern technologies, and reinforced-concrete products for sale in Africa and the Middle East.

National People’s Congress Spokeswoman Fu Ying Takes on West’s ‘Not So True’ Press

March 4 (EIRNS)—Fu Ying, the spokeswoman for the National People’s Congress, held a press conference today announcing the opening of the session of the NPC’s annual meeting. Ms. Fu was former vice foreign minister before becoming chairwoman of the NPC foreign affairs committee; she is member of the NPC’s Standing Committee. While the Chinese journalists were primarily concerned with the course of the deliberations on domestic and economic issues, the U.S. media were their usual provocative selves.

“Fake news” CNN started off (in Chinese) by saying that it was a question that Fu “had to” reply to. He referred to “international concern” over Chinese construction in the South China Sea and wanted to know why China was increasing its military spending by 7.6% (which is actually the slowest rise in a decade). “Every year China sets its budget in the light of the needs of national defense” Fu said. “In 2017 the budget will increase by 7.6% and it represents 1.3% of the total budget. Meanwhile the U.S., whose defense budget is much larger than China’s is growing even more [a 10% increase].” She also referred to NATO’s mandating a 2% quota of the total budget of the NATO countries for defense spending. “You should ask them what their intentions are,” she instructed him.

On the South China Sea, she said that “People abroad can’t understand our concerns over these islands. We are calling for dialogue on the territorial disputes. But in the meantime, we must also have the capability to defend our sovereignty, our rights and interests,” she said. “In particular, we must guard against outside forces from interfering with such issues.” Fu continued, “As to the future development, I think we also need to take into account the intentions on the U.S. side,” she said, calling the United States’ actions in the South China Sea a “weather vane for the region.”

Fu also said that the South China Sea region is not considered a “high risk area” by shipping insurers, and mentioned a Reuters report that many companies felt that the Chinese presence in the South China Sea was a good thing for maintaining freedom of navigation. “Thus the key question we should really ask is whether we are pursuing common security or exclusive security,” Fu said. “China wants common security for all, and this is the shared consensus of many Asian countries as well.”

In reply to another question on U.S.-China relations, Fu said that policy adjustments by the new U.S. administration will impact the world and Sino-U.S. relations. “We certainly hope the impacts are positive,” Fu said, stressing that cooperation is widely regarded as the main trend in relations between the two big countries. She also complained about the “not-quite-true stories” about China in the U.S. media, which saying China has to do a better job of explaining itself to the American public. But whatever the changes may be, she said, China will “respond with composure.”


India Promotes Southern Eurasian Rail Freight Route

March 3 (EIRNS)—Indian Railways is soon going to run a trans-continental container train full of goods from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Istanbul, Turkey, which would take a 6,000 km journey across five countries—Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. It is named the ITI-DKD-Y corridor, after the route the container train will follow: Dhaka-Kolkata-Delhi-Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul. Yangon, Myanmar will be added to the route, once the missing Tamu-Kalay link in Myanmar is completed.

Indian Railways has called the South Asian railway heads who are involved in the project have been to a high-level meeting on March 15-16, according to Indian Express.

The final part of the project was the long-missing link of 150 km in Zahedan (in Baluchestan province, Iran), which has now been completed. The first run is expected within weeks, marking a great leap for South Asian regional connectivity in the rail sector.



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