Billionaire Gangster/Zionist George Soros Hates America!

Tomi Lahren DROPS THE HAMMER On George Soros, Over 2.3 Million Have Already Watched

Tomi Lahren DROPS THE HAMMER On George Soros, Over 2.3 Million Have Already Watched


The far-left billionaire George Soros is trying to rip our country apart from the inside. Tomi Lahren is taking the propagandist to task for The Blaze.

“Nothing scares rats like Soros more than American patriotism!” Lahren exclaimed. George Soros is the embodiment of evil who seeks to tear our country apart, as he has done to other countries in the past. He is the opposite of President Trump, who has sacrificed greatly to make our country great again.

Soros wields his influence by spreading his vast fortune to far-left groups, his plan to sow dissent and divide the American people.

This is the strategy of “divide and conquer,” which is, according to Lahren, the “strategy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates by encouraging dissent among them.” This is why Soros funds anti-American groups like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

Soros pretends to care through his philanthropy, but it is clear by the hate groups he decides to fund that he does not care about the plight of black people or ensuring justice is brought against Wall Street. If Soros wanted to help the black community, he would help the brave law enforcement officials who work every day making the streets safer — instead, he funds a group that calls for “dead cops.”

America does not tolerate true racism or sexism. It is unconstitutional to discriminate based on race or sex, yet Soros profits when he can convince young people that they are victims.

In reality, these naive idiots are the victims of Soros himself. If you follow the money, it becomes obvious these are not spontaneous protests. They have all been paid for by George Soros. The protesters have been fooled.

President Trump is not the enemy. Since taking office, Trump has instilled a strong sense of faith in our economy, and the growth in the stock market proves it. That is why Soros is targeting Trump. Soros made his fortune betting that economies would fail, and right now he is betting that our country will fail. That was a safe bet when it was assumed that we would have a President Clinton again, but Trump has foiled the globalist’s plan.

George Soros has a long history of despicable actions. He told reporters he did not mind confiscating property from fellow Hungarian Jews on behalf of the Nazis. In fact, he said his character was formed during those years.

“If I don’t do it, someone else will anyway” is the mantra of this real-life supervillain. This is a clearly evil mantra that can be used to justify the most heinous of actions.

The worst part is the media have been either duped or paid for, just like the protesters, happy to play the Soros game. The media continue their baseless assaults against President Trump, allowing Soros to work in secrecy.

Donald Trump may have won the White House, but that does not mean the fight is over. George Soros is not about to give up and neither can we. We all need to heed the advice of Tomi Lahren and read between the lines. Understanding our enemies is the first step toward defeating them.

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