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Crimes of Zionists:

This is zionism: Native Indian Genocide: Parallels In


Mar 20, 2010 · Native Indian Genocide: Parallels In Palestine. … right this great wrong,” declared the American Indian Movement in a … Zionists and other …

TUT Broadcast Feb. 2, 2017by MG editor


Tonight’s program–

In 63 B.C., the Roman General, Pompey the Great, conquered Judea, bringing it under Roman rule for the every first time. After subduing the Judean terrorists in the region and bringing it under Roman rule, he then went about returning the surrounding lands that had been stolen by the Judeans in previous murderous, marauding raids to their original owners as described in the book ‘The Jewish Wars’ by Jewish historian Flavius Josephus thus–

‘Pompey also took away from the Jews all those cities that they had taken fro the surrounding peoples and made those cities subject to him, as at the time was appointed to be the Roman president there, and reduced Judea to within its proper boundaries…He also rebuilt those cities that had been demolished by the Jews and also made other cities free from Jewish Dominion, such as Hyppos and Scythopolis, and also Pella and Samaria and Marissa, Ashdod, Jamnia and Arethusa, and in like manner also he dealt with the maritime cities of Gaza, Joppa, and Dora, all of which he restored to their own citizens and put them under the province of Syria, which, together with Judea and the countries as far as Egypt and the Euphrates, he committed to Scaurus as their governor, giving him two Legions for support…’

–Josephus, Book 1, chapter 7


Now, today, Donald Trump has appointed Mike Pompeo–the great, great grandson of the same Pompey the Great who first brought Judea under Roman rule–as head of the CIA (a subtle yet powerful message certainly not missed by the Zionists today) while issuing a warning to Judea, Inc that all settlement building has to stop if there is to be peace in the region.

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