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ACH (1617) Mark Dankof And Paul Edward Stevenson – The Dankof Report #13 – The Cultural Marxist Wrecking Ball Of The Westby achitchcock

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 5 2021, Andy presents “The Dankof Report” with its hosts Mark Dankof and Paul Edward Stevenson for a show entitled, “The Cultural Marxist Wrecking Ball Of The West.”

On today’s show Mark and Paul discussed: Paul’s history as a show host in the Alternative Media; the restructuring of “The Dankof Report”; how the ramifications of 9/11 are still being felt today; the comfort people take from listening to the Alternative Media; how the West’s abandonment of Christianity has changed the world in which we live today; why the current Western system of government is destined to collapse under its own immoral weight; how the optics of Joe Biden are causing many Americans to question America’s legitimacy as a global superpower; why regardless of the powers that should not be’s demand for “The Great Reset” historically they haven’t always gotten what they wanted; the real reason behind feminism; and many other topics.

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