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Dear LifeNews Readers,

We are not even two months into the new year and it has already been a wild ride for the pro-life movement. We have experienced major victories already just 45 days into 2017.

As a LifeNews.com reader you are on top of everything that is going on.

LifeNews provided the most extensive coverage of President Donald Trump signing an executive order to defund the International Planned Parenthood affiliate and to stop forcing you to pay for promoting and performing abortions worldwide.

LifeNews.com provided the most extensive coverage of the pro-life nominees for key cabinet positions who will oversee important issues like abortion and protecting the conscience rights of pro-life advocates. We covered key prolife nominees like Tom Price and Jeff Sessions as well as new pro-life un Ambassador Nikki Haley.

LifeNews has covered how half a dozen abortion clinics have already closed this year and pro-life laws have already been passed that will save even more unborn babies from the brutality of abortion.

But there is so much more to do!

The pro-life movement needs to defund Planned Parenthood in Congress and at every turn. We need to support a Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch who appears to understand the limited role the court should play. And we need to pass pro-life laws that overturn abortion-funding Obamacare and repeal the extensive abortion agenda of the Obama Administration.

With each and every pro-life battle you know you can count on LifeNews.com for the most timely, comprehensive, and accurate reporting. We are a pro-life only news service and protecting those people who are threatened by abortion and euthanasia is our primary concern.

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Whether you can give $25, $50 or $100 or even $250 or $500 your donation will be focused on reaching millions of people with the latest pro-life news and information to help them save as many unborn babies as possible.

Thank you very much for your support over the 25 years LifeNews has use the internet to spread the pro-life message.


Steven Ertelt, Editor

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