This Will Bring JOBS, JOBS, JOBS Building Infrastructure! YES!!!!! Today President Trump is Meeting With Japan’s Abe About Precisely This and 700,000 Jobs Could Be Created in His Infrastructure Deal With Japan! Exciting!

New Opportunity

In an extraordinary and inspiring discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee on Feb. 6, Lyndon LaRouche showed that President Trump’s Feb. 10-11 summit with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, opens the door to the United States to join the “new agreement among the nations,” which includes the ongoing Russian-Japanese agreements, the China-led Belt and Road Initiative, and the other related revolutionary new features of the 21st-Century world. The first article in the just-out Feb. 10 “Executive Intelligence Review,” titled “Therefore Choose Life”– which is available to the public — attempts to summarize that Feb. 6 discussion, so it will not be re-summarized here. Instead, we will only point to some of the leading, newly-breaking developments which highlight this historic opportunity, one which Mr. LaRouche noted will be available only for a limited time–unless it is seized now through his “Four New Laws” of June, 2014.


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