Lyndon LaRouche & America’s Self-Esteem

Lyndon LaRouche and America’s Self-EsteemPosted on February 20, 2019Following the Feb. 12 death of LaRouchePAC founder Lyndon LaRouche and the Feb. 16-17 international Schiller Institute conference which celebrated his life and work (portions of which are already available for viewing on our site), it has become evident that LaRouche’s passing is awakening and deeply moving people around the world to discover what Abraham Lincoln referred to as “the better angels of our nature.” That is a force for the good which can help Americans regain a sense of self-esteem—largely lost over the 16 years of the Bush and Obama presidencies—and succeed in the central strategic tasks defined at that Schiller Institute conference: Get President Donald Trump to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, and bring the U.S. fully into the New Paradigm that is being built internationally around China’s Belt and Road Initiative.READ MORE

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