The Chosenites From Hell!

Israel joins Trump-mocking campaign with parody video

by MG editor


Satire show’s clip, from the land ‘where God had sex with Miriam,’ pushes bid for Jewish state to be ‘second’ to America’s ‘first’

ed note–oh, those clever Jews and their clever humor, from Sarah Silverman’s infamous ‘I’d f****** kill Jesus Christ all over again’ to a previous program by the ‘comedian’ Lior Schlein (centerpieced in this story) featuring a bikini-clad Jewess nailing a monkey to a cross in mocking Jesus.

And they wonder why there has been this thing known as ‘anti-Shemitism’ against them by the followers of Jesus when this is the level of ‘respect’ they demonstrate for the man revered by Christians and Muslims around the world?

They never learn, or rather, they refuse to learn, and why should they? After all, they are yahweh’s chosen people’. Read more of this post

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