Israel is Not Good For the USA! Mooching Off of Us While Calling Us Shiksas and Goyim-State They Want to Leave US as Welfare State-“What We Do to Countries We Hate”

With Trump, when it comes to Israel, you just don’t knowby MG editor


Op-ed: The new president, the great hope of the Israeli right, has already bashed settlements, paused the embassy relocation, and urged Israel to be reasonable in its dealings with the Palestinians. He may say the opposite to Netanyahu. Or not. And whatever he says may not translate into policy afterwards. Good luck to us all

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My Comment:  Israel’s history is all crime.  Israelites are the anti-Semites for the real Semites are Palestinians.  The Phony Scofield Bible written by a convicted felon who was paid Big Money by the Rothschild’s to put in this “Bible” that Jews were the “chosen” is not in the original bible….here is a pic.Image result for SCOFIELD BIBLE DEES

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Secrets Of The Synagogue

by the one and only, Brother Nathanael Kapner

One has to wonder why the Lord Jesus Christ called the Assembly of the Jews: “The Synagogue of Satan.”

Is it because the Synagogue uses the very same methods as Satan himself to achieve its aims?

I grew up as a Jew and it was instilled in me from a child that—regardless of the methods used—Jewry was to gain the upper hand in dealing with the Gentiles.

And every sermon that the Rabbi gave was a sermon on ‘politics of the day’…NOT on the Bible.

You see, political activism—whether it was the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s or lobbying for Israel today—is the key component of Jewry’s quest to rule over the Gentiles and its hub of operations is the Synagogue itself.

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