Larry Klayman, Demands FCC Pull License of CNN-Fake News!

‘Fake news’ CNN: Time to take ’em out
Larry Klayman demands FCC pull license from ‘Communist News Network’

By Larry Klayman
February 17, 2017
My column will get right to the point. CNN, which has morphed from the “Clinton News Network” to the “Communist News Network” under the stewardship of its ultra leftist, Harvard-educated, 5-foot-6-inch dwarf of a president, Jeff Zucker, was sued today before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The complaint, which is self- explanatory, is excerpted below.

“Freedom Watch and its Leftist Media Strike Force hereby respectfully demand regulatory enforcement action against CNN to fine, discipline and revoke any and all licenses from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for CNN, or any other legal and appropriate remedial action.

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