If the 5 Dancing Israelis Had Been Iranians We’d ALL Know About Them or Jordanians Or SYRIANS…But They Are Israelis so the Media is Hush Hush

How They Do It–NY Times Op-Ed Accuses Jewish Billionaires of Agitating for War Against Iran

by TUT editor

Lawrence Wilkerson is a running sewer of conspiratorial insanity about Jews and Israel. Why is he being published in the paper of record?

ed note–keep in mind as you read this that our esteemed Hebraic author knows that every single piece of what Wilkerson (who was an insider for many, many years and who played a pivotal role in propagating the Neo-Con lies needed in jinning up the destruction of Iraq per Israel’s orders) is alleging is 666% true, fact, and as incontrovertible as the laws of gravity, proving that once again, when Jews lie, they are ‘speaking their native tongue’ as one carpenter-turned-anti-Judaic political activist stated some 2,000 years ago. Read more of this post

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