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Today, Feb. 23, is a day of rallies in American cities, a “Day of Truth” about the Obama/Soros neo-fascist coup in Ukraine three years ago this week–the basis for their narrative on Putin and Russia– and the coup Obama and Soros are attempting right now against President Trump. We intend to defeat the ongoing coup operation, so that Trump can work with Russia and China, to crush terrorism, prevent confrontation leading to nuclear war, and bring America into the “New Silk Road,” the greatest infrastructure/economic/scientific development in history. It is that potential which the British Empire creators and controllers of Obama and Soros, and their neocon traitor friends, are desperate to destroy.
Please review the Press Release and, especially, the Full Dossier attached below. In addition, an LPAC release, “Jail Obama for Treason,” summarizes the coup operation and the opportunity to defeat it. Forward and circulate the dossier and the two short documents to contacts, public officials, organizations, (social) media, etc. Follow the developments in EIR, Fund the massive circulation of this EIR and related LaRouche PAC material. Be in touch.
Marian Black (201)286-1269
Here is the link to the official Press Release:
Full Dossier on the Coup in Ukraine is here:
“Jail Obama for Treason”
My Comment:  George Soros, Zionist, represents the Zionist Rothschild Mafia only and has financed Obama’s rise to power.  These Satanists  push Satanism onto the rest of us:  Transgender, Bisexuality, Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Drug Use, Rape Culture, ISIS Terrorism & Killing Christians Throughout the Middle East, Japan (Hiroshima & Nagasaki) `

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