Govt’s Want TOTAL CONTROL OVER: Minds, Memories, Money & Movement

OUR GOVT. WANTS TO MASTER OUR MEMORIES, MONEY, MOVEMENT & MINDS: in short, master the human domain.

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OUR GOVT. WANTS TO MASTER OUR MEMORIES, MONEY, MOVEMENT & MINDS: in short, master the human domain. Try to withdraw more than $1,500 from your bank account and you are now considered a suspected criminal. You may receive a letter warning you of money structuring, fines & a prison sentence like they gave Kent Hovind. Your bank will send out a SARs (Suspicious Activity Report) to the govt. Different banks across America are refusing to give customers money if they ask for sums like $2K or $5K. (Banks will claim they don’t carry that much.) Meanwhile the govt. & military, any time they want can activate your cell phone (or TV etc), and watch & listen to you thru its mike & camera. (And it’s totally legal.) Large crowds at sports events are viewed with cameras & facial recognition technology tells them who is there. Facial recognition data exists now for most Americans in their data banks. And then there are those who they identify as psychic. Many of these psychic people are t.b.m.c. victims whose minds have been programmed to have special abilities, & have been tracked through life. This article will focus on just one aspect of the title…the mind, and more specifically psychic intuition. It builds upon a number of previous subjects written about, for instance, t.b.m.c. and at least 8 articles on JADE HELM 2015, which had as its goal “Mastering The Human Domain” (also known as the “Human Terrain”). While most attention is focused on the incredible advancement of computerized technology, research into the human mind has provided the controllers abilities that were considered sci-fi in the past.

ARMY RESEARCH. In an 2013 article “Pentagon’s telepathic soldiers” we get a glimpse of what is going on now: “As voice-activated technologies have become reality, including the recent use by Google Glass’ software, what about telling machines to do what we want simply by telepathically thinking about it? …Also known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG. Similar technology is being marketed as a way to control video games by thought. April last year, a Dailymail report said a team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy. “I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating,” said Mike D’Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project.”(A)

A WORLD MIND. In physics a variety of phenomena have been identified as fields. Is consciousness a field? Theosophists believe in an Akashic Record on the astral plane originally called astral light by HPB. Edgar Cayce referred to it as the “Book of Life”. Carl Jung (1875-1961) felt that there was a “collective unconscious” shared by mankind. James Lovelock, a British scientist/futurist looked at the many mysterious self-regulating relationships in nature & hypothesized the Gaia principle which claims life & non-life coordinate things, for instance, the mysterious constant 3.4% salinity needed in the oceans for life. Of course, Christians can simply point out that the Word says God sustains the world. There are many intricacies and parameters that have to be a certain value for life, so intelligent design and intelligent sustaining should be obvious. I think the Illum. controllers of things know that there is not a complete “collective unconscious” because they are working hard to create a World mind, the first step is the world wide web, and the BEAST computer system. On the other hand they are skilled at creating group think. I’m convinced they understand the process of thoughts far more than the public.

OUR (PUBLICLY RECOGNIZED) KNOWLEDGE IS LIMITED. While scientists at times have the attitude that we are now only filling in our gaps of knowledge, it appears to me that our publicly recognized understanding of many things is quite limited to the point of probably appearing ignorant to an omniscient God. A Buddhist monk in Nepal (Ram Bahadur Bomjon), the nation I grew up in, went without food or drink during the entire 96 hours the cameras were on him. The film footage was made into the Discovery Channel documentary “The Boy With Divine Powers”. I have witnessed animals have ESP. Dogs sense when their masters are coming home. Chickens sense when I have decided to give them food scraps. Animals sense when major earthquakes are coming. (Now this last one may not necessarily be ESP, but extra sensitivity with their normal senses.) Watch a flock of several thousand birds turn instantly together in midflight–everyone gets the mental memo–none fail to turn, so there are no midflight collisions. (Perhaps you’ve seen 10,000 Starlings flying together. Try to get 10,000 people synchronized!) Birds have quick reactions, but the front and back birds in the flock turn at the same time–I can’t believe it is a case of follow the leader, but a case of collective consciousness.

COMMUNICATION ON THE QUANTUM LEVEL. Certain people can communicate at far distances, like identical twins can sense what the other twin thinks or feels. Our military can identify people with this ability. Sometimes it helps people comprehend something to see it in science. Particles that are entangled communicate at any distance at the speed of light what happens to them to the other entangle particle. It is spooky how it works, Einstein called it the EPR paradox as he couldn’t believe it. There are various ways to entangle particles incl: spontaneous parametric down-conversion, fiber coupler, quantum dots, atomic cascades and the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect. It is also possible to create entanglement between quantum systems that never directly interacted, through the use of entanglement swapping. There are certain people that can telepathically talk to others. Reportedly, the aborigines of Australia use telepathy as their main means of communication when travelling in the desert. Most everyone has gotten hunches before that panned out. Sometimes we have a sense that a loved one needs us, or is going to call and then they do. These are crude psi abilities that most of us experience at one time or the other, which need to be separated from wishful thinking. People can “see” things because mentally they wish they would happen. German psychics were saying that WW 2 would end after France surrendered. It was what people wanted to hear. Hitler even disbanded some of his troops. True intuition is not wishful thoughts. Psi abilities have both a genetic component and an exercised art form component. And as the World goes deeper under demonic control, there is often a spirit (demonic) component to psi abilities.

I KNOW, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW. There were seers (w/ visions & warnings) in the Bible. Often they saw images. There have been seers since. The Illum. teach their members to use a (spirit) guide which is to be considered their friend. They also use familiars. They are taught to keep their guides close. They may even create an inner sanctuary (mental imagery) for their guide. On the flip side, empaths who have a lot of love can pick up on the thoughts & feelings of others. Love is a positive power, and can empower a person. Prayer & guidance by the Holy Spirit is the Christian answer to the need for inner guidance. Pray for the best for others. This is also God’s way for us to release the negative energy that tends to build up from a negative environment that we have to operate in. Negative energy may also block our flow of intuition & ability to listen to the Holy Spirit. Appreciate what you do have, thankfulness is also a godly way to move into a positive mental arena. Forgive others so your prayers are not hindered. A good t.b.m.c. programmer (perhaps a female one) assisting a major programmer, can guide an alter with hypnosis to calm & still the conscious mind’s blocks to intuition, so that the person can travel dissociatedly onto the astral plane. They work with visualization & dreamwork for Illum. members. All kinds of people receive revelations in dreams. Many, as recorded in the Bible, need further interpretation. When we get dreams that come true, it is eerie…making us realize that somehow the future is connected to the present. This does not rule out coincidence, but there are times that the dream’s events & fulfillment are too unique to brush off as coincidence. (I had a friend who kept a dream diary and I was curious how that turned out.) “Precognition” is the word to describe knowing about an event beforehand. In the Spielberg movie Minority Report (2002) precogs play a major role in the script. When one has simply a feeling of a future event it is called “presentiment”. Shifting gears, one can tap into one’s inner genius by asking the mind to work on a problem while you sleep. I have found this works for me. I ask for the answer just before sleeping & wake with the answer in the morning.

DISCERNMENT. Edgar Cayce felt that telepathy also had a spiritual awareness component to it, & an openness to a partner. I think he misdescribed it,… that love, empathy & caring (along with honesty) is the component needed for people to telepathically communicate. At any rate, the army is using certain highly telepathic people to communicate with their elite troops (who are under t.b.m.c.). They must have some method for entraining the minds of the senders & receivers. While technology continues to become more powerful, research also continues into the human mind. London, Cambridge, Paris, Freiburg (Ger.), Edinburgh (Scotland), & Sydney (Australia) all have major psi research centers. In the U.S. psi research is centered in California & Virginia at various locations.

MORE INFO. One can further pursue these subjects online. For instance I have written on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, & currently all my articles have links to them by going to to the “March, 2016” articles. Rupert Sheldrake & Edgar Cayce & others have sites devoted to their ideas.
(A) Armananto, Eric. “Pentagon’s telepathic soldiers” in Technology (May 10, 2013)

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