Did You Know America Is Stealing Gold From Other Countries? Since 1971?

Was Pope Benedict XVI Forced To Resign By The Obama Administration?

by Sabba

Sabba – The Catholics are asking President Trump to investigate the so called resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. It was a shameful but also a more than suspicious resignation indeed.

There had been many attempts to explain it and the most interesting explanation I had read came from some financial analysts: Benedict XVI was forced to step down by the US because he refused to hand over the gold of the Vatican (America has been stealing the world’s Gold wherever she can since the 1970s to support her economy after the end of the Bretton Woods Agreement).

I have no sympathy for Pope Benedict nor any post Vatican II popes for that matter but let us admit that Benedict XVI had been dragged in the dirt like no other pope. 

He had been bombarded by pedophilia scandals as if he had been personally responsible for the. It was like a planned execution as we saw all the media worldwide accuse and condemned him personally  over stories which had all happened decades before. I am not saying that nothing happened but it was not a coincidence that all those old stories emerged, all at the same time, and at the precise moment where the Vatican was at war with Banks.

So as worldwide media were crucifying Benedict, the Vatican’s banker, JP Morgan, did something absolutely unheard of before when it violated the most sacred of all secrets: the banking secrecy. Shamelessly and without anyone being outraged by this violation, JPM publicly announced in 2013 that it was closing the Vatican’s bank account due to some ‘lack of transparency’. What a joke. 

All ATMs were shut, the use of credit cards was blocked and people visiting the Vatican had to struggle to find cash to pay their purchase.

And, as by magic, as soon as anti-Pope Bergolio was selected, all ATMs and  credit cards were unblocked, the pedophilia scandals stopped: it was business as usual.  All this might sound very conspiracionist but there definitely is a link between the Banks’ wars against Benedict, the pedophilia stories and his sudden resignation.  CONTINUE READING

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