Crimes of the Churches: Understanding and Uprooting the Evil

The Crimes of the Churches: Understanding and Uprooting the Evil

This Sunday, February 19 on Radio Free Kanata
at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern 
Some of the worst crimes against humanity and the innocent have been and are being committed by religious organizations. What is the source of their particular evil and how can we stop it?
In this first show in a series, we explore how common law campaigns to expose and prosecute the Vatican and other churches have succeeded and what lessons have been learned. We will also discuss the spiritual warfare by which we must engage these “principalities and powers” to stop their murders and corruptions.
Also featured will be updates and news from those actively fighting these demonic institutions.
With your regular hosts Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable, and their guests.
A similar program will be broadcast the same day on Radio Free Anglia at 11 am pacific, 2 pm pacific, 7 pm GMT.
For background see and .
Toos Neijenhuis, survivor of Catholic Ninth Circle child sacrificial cult, identifies
location of mass grave of children near Holten, Netherlands, 2014

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