LaRouchePac and Glass-Steagall; USA Joining BRICs

LaRouchePAC Weekly

Our most important stories this week:

Trump-Abe Summit: Japan Opens Bridge to Eurasia

President Trump’s Feb. 10-11 summit with Japanese Prime Minister…

 The week’s positive developments, all in line with “LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery” and LaRouche’s War on Drugs (the flooding of nations in drugs being a primary population subjugation policy of the British empire), and new paradigm for win-win international cooperation rather than geopolitics and genocidal war, deserve your unflinching support.  They are consistent with the 50 year development perspective envisioned by LaRouche and now promoted by China, Japan, and Russia.  Our task is winning President Trump completely to that perspective –a task requiring long-term strategy, tough serenity, ironic wit, and a grounding in the wise words and works of Lyndon LaRouche. Don’t fall, like Alice in Wonderland, through the rabbit hole of the 24 hour news cycle.

Two last things. First, please sign our Glass-Steagall Petition if you haven’t yet already, and finally, please call 800-929-7566 if you’d like to talk or work with us. Let’s strategize together to make these ideas a reality.

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