Obama and the Anglo-Saudi Empire on the Chopping Block

President Obama and the First Lady departing Riyadh, January 2015.

Sunday night’s Sixty Minutes expose of the Saudi role in the original 9/11 attacks and the Bush and Obama Administration coverup of the 28 pages, has caused a total panic at the White House, in Riyad and in London. With both former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Kristen Gillebrand (D-NY) demanding that Obama immediately declassify the 28 pages, the pressure on Obama and the Anglo-Saudi apparatus that he and Bush have protected for the past 15 years, has crossed a threshold.

Obama’s complicity in covering up the crimes of the Saudi Monarchy more than rise to the standard for immediate impeachment. The Sixty Minutes broadcast had been ready for airing for months, and the fact that the show was broadcast ten days before Obama’s scheduled visit to Saudi Arabia to meet with GCC leaders, is an indication that growing forces have come to recognize what Lyndon LaRouche declared as early as April 2009: Obama is a tool of the British Monarchy and their Saudi butchers, and the very survival of the United States is in jeopardy every day that he remains in office.

The Sixty Minutes documentary brought in a number of well-established national security veterans, from former Navy Secretary John Lehman, to former CIA Director Porter Goss, to former Sen. Bob Graham, who all demanded the immediate release of the 28 pages. Joint Congressional Inquiry member Tim Roemer fingered former FBI Director Robert Mueller as one of the key figures engineering the cover up of the Saudi role.

The airing of the Sixty Minutes expose came just a week after the release of the “Panama Papers,” which revealed the really dirty underbelly of the British Empire: the offshore dirty money centers that launder drug money, other criminal money, and run tax evasion and other crimes. As Lyndon LaRouche has made clear for decades, the British Empire is a criminal oligarchy, bent on mass genocide. Now, there are 11 million pages of evidence against the London-centered empire of crime and murder.

This one-two punch to the heart of the oligarchy also comes at a moment when the British are desperate to start a world war against Russia and China, in response to the fact that their system is hopelessly and irreversibly bankrupt. Obama is their pathetic tool in this war drive, and his removal from office is the only true war avoidance option at this time.

The 28 pages fight has now reached a point where it can bring down Obama and the whole rotten Anglo-Saudi system. It’s about time!

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