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          SEPTEMBER, 2016    1 FED RESERVE NOTE



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NY Times: Refugees Pour Out of Turkey Once More as Deal With Europe Falters



The number of refugees arriving in Greece nearly doubled last week, to more than 1,000. Many are realizing that an agreement to stanch the flow is not being enforced.



Because of the deadly consequences of the tragic farces and deceptions which we read and rebut each day, Sugar the crazed Conspiracy Cat and your humble reporter, er, we the “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times take no pleasure in seeing so many of our forecasts come to fruition. Take the following not as a satisfied “gloat,” but rather as a “see-we-told-you-so” confirmation of the quality of our research and deductions.


Sugar, stop boasting. This really wasn’t that hard to forecast.


We recently re-issued an Anti-NY Times rebuttal, first published about 6 months ago, March 19th to be precise, titled: European Union Reaches Deal With Turkey to Return New Asylum Seekers. Here’s the relevant excerpt and prediction:


ANYT: March 19, 2016: Constricting snakes instinctively ‘know’ that the secret to killing their prey before eating them is to tighten the death grip each time the rodent exhales. Each new exhalation (emptying of the lungs) provides the snake that much more space to constrict the poor exhausted creature further and further.

As it is with snakes, a clever Globalist-Marxist knows when to pause the pressure on his squirming victims (us!) and when to start squeezing again. That’s exactly what the European Union is doing here. After a 2-year period in which as many as 2 million Turd World invaders broke into Europe, the Globalists feel it necessary to lighten up a bit on their death grip. In doing so, the growing outrage and passionate political activism of the native European people will soon yield to an “exhalation” — followed by an even tighter constriction.



Squeeze – relax. Squeeze – relax. The EU snakes know better than to try and kill their victims too quickly.


This much-publicized announcement, which decrees that new migrants passing from Turkey though Greece are to be returned, will pause some of the pressure. But the mostly male roaches who have already scurried into the house of Europa are there to stay; and the ones arriving in Italy by way of post-Qaddafi Libya will keep on arriving as well. In due time, we can expect the Turkey-Greece return policy to go unenforced, if it ever gets enforced at all. A ton of media hype about the various “crackdowns”, combined with a few diversionary football (soccer) games, and Boobus Europiticus will soon be able to “exhale” again — rendering him primed and ready for the next level of Soros-funded invasion.



And today, exactly in line with what we had forecast, the front page of Sulzberger’s Slimes proclaims:Refugees Pour Out of Turkey Once More as Deal With Europe Falters. Nailed it! (unfortunately)

This ghoulish game of easing pressure before coming back even stronger is a standard operating trick of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class).  Other examples include: the occasional arrest and/or execution of a few lower-level communist traitors during the 40’s and 50’s; the Syrian and Ukrainian “ceasefires”; periodic chump-change “budget cuts”; the return of an acre or two of land to the dispossessed Palestinians; the deportation of a handful of illegal aliens; and the “Brexit” — a two-year process which, after three months, has yet to be activated! Yes sir. Nothing gets the superficial opposition off of the PRC’s back like a symbolic and temporary gesture.

We have said it before and we shall say it again and again and again: the Turd World invasion wave will not end until the very last White man has been blended out and/or killed off — leaving a raceless, traditionless, godless, cultureless, rootless, soulless, emasculated mass of alienated and hypnotized hybrid humanity that can be easily lorded over by the usual suspects and their most faithful servants. Therefore, any talk among western Marxist leaders about halting immigration ought to taken, at face value, as just the latest round of seditious serpentine strategy.


1- Merkel shows off her Globalist Charlemagne Prize in 2008.

2- What’s being sold as “tolerance” among the races is really a fiendishly cunning plot to eventually outnumber and genocide low birth-rate passive Europeans out of existence.

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