Why the Zionist Media is Against Trump-Big Pharma Profits Skydiving Down! Hee Hee….Zionists Can’t Take Losing Money in Big Pharma

A New Hope: Here’s how President Trump can go after pharma, vaccines and Big Biotech
Mike Adams With President Trump now sworn into office, there is a new hope for an administration that won’t be run by Big Pharma, Monsanto or the vaccine industry.

Today I’ve published a list of 10 bold ideas for how Trump can restore America’s freedoms and take power and profits away from the medical and biotech cartels.

It is a new day for America. Click here for the full article.

Also, see my new mini-documentary: Why the truth is vilified while LIES are celebrated.

Government document confirms vaccine link to microcephalyBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
Trump’s attack on Big Pharma’s cartel profiteering lost the drug industry about $25 billion in 20 minutesBy Mary Wilder | Read the full story

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